Why Vitamin-D May Be the Key to Lowering Your Blood Pressure

Our bodies are in dire need of vitamin D. We cannot absorb calcium in the body without vitamin D, a fat-soluble vitamin. 

For the hormones in the body to work properly, vitamin D plays an important role.

It is very important to maintain heart health and regulate metabolism in the body. 

But did you know that high blood pressure patients also need a lot of vitamin D, and vitamin D helps lower blood pressure? 


The Science Behind Vitamin D and Blood Pressure Reduction

Regulation of the Renin-Angiotensin-Aldosterone System (RAAS): RAAS stands for Regulation of Renin Angiotensin Aldosterone System.

The RAAS system is helpful in controlling our blood pressure and maintaining the water balance in the body.

Renin is an enzyme made by our kidneys. Renin converts another hormone, Angiotensinogen, to Angiotensinogen-1, made by our liver.

After this it is converted into Angiotensinogen-2 by ACE enzyme in our body.

Angiotensinogen-2 is a vasoconstrictor enzyme that causes a rapid rise in blood pressure.

Vitamin-D regulates the RAAS system and reduces the production of renin so that Angiotensinogen-2 does not form and the veins do not constrict.


How does vitamin D prevent hypertension


Apart from this, Vitamin-D also makes ACE 2 enzyme which converts Angiotensinogen-2 into Angiotensinogen (1–7) which expands the veins (Vasodilator), it reduces blood pressure.

Improvement of Endothelial Function: Vitamin D keeps the endothelium healthy and maintains their tone and elasticity.

Healthy endothelium produces nitric oxide, which dilates the veins.

Blood pressure decreases due to the dilation of veins. Vitamin-D improves the function of Endothelium so that blood pressure remains normal.

Reduces Inflammation: Inflammation is also an important cause of heart diseases.

Vitamin D has anti-inflammatory properties that reduce inflammation and block the production of cytokines.

Decreased production of cytokines reduces inflammation and the endothelial remains healthy.


Modulation of the Immune System

Vitamin-D strengthens the immune system. Due to a healthy immune system, inflammatory agents are not activated and the endothelial remains healthy and blood pressure is controlled.

This is how Vitamin-D plays an important role in reducing blood pressure.


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