Do Tomatoes Cause Kidney Stones

It is a very common belief among people that kidney stones are formed by eating tomatoes or tomato seeds.

Many people who have kidney stones stop eating tomatoes. 

But how much of this is actually true and what is the science behind it, let us know


Do Tomatoes Cause Kidney Stones

No, tomato or any part of tomato does not cause kidney stone. There is a piece of incomplete information behind this misconception spread about tomatoes.


Which part of tomato causes kidney stone


Kidney stones are mostly formed by a mineral called oxalate and oxalate is found in tomatoes.
That is why people think that eating tomatoes causes kidney stones.
But the truth behind this is that oxalate is found in very small amounts in tomatoes.
Only 5 mg of oxalate is found in 100 grams of tomato. Even if you eat half a kilogram of tomatoes daily, there will not be enough oxalate to make you kidney stone.
The oxalate that enters our body is filtered out by the kidneys.
That’s why it is unable to make kidney stones. The main reason for kidney stones is dehydration, drinking too little water, or not being physically active.
If you drink a sufficient amount of water then you will reduce the chances of getting kidney stones.
Eating tomatoes or oxalate-rich food causes kidney stones only in those people who have a disease called Oxalosis.
This disease is genetic and the body is unable to metabolize oxalate and oxalate is stored in the kidney.
More oxalates than tomatoes are found in spinach, soybeans, almonds, potatoes, artificial sweeteners, and dates.
Only one date has 24 milligrams of oxalate. At the same time, 100 grams of tomato contains only 5 milligrams of oxalate.
In this way, the possibility of getting kidney stones from dates is very high.


Spinach — 755 mg oxalates (100g)

Soybeans — 235 mg oxalates (100g)

Almonds — 122 mg oxalates (100g)

Dates — 400 mg oxalates (100g)

Beetroot — 675 mg oxalates (100g)

Wheat — 269 mg oxalates (100g)

Coca Powder — 623 mg Oxalates (100g)


Sugar-free sweeteners consumed by diabetics have the highest oxalate content.
42 mg of oxalate is found in one teaspoon of artificial sweetener (Stevia).

Now you must have understood that eating tomatoes does not cause kidney stones.



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