What Would Happen if You Drink Cold Drink Everyday

We drink cold drinks very enthusiastically. Whether it’s a party or welcoming guests, we provide cold drinks in advance.

Many people have the habit of drinking carbonated drink/cold drink every day.

But what effect will drinking carbonated drink/cold drink have on our body, let’s find out 

What happens if you always drink cold drinks


Delayed Growth in Children

The maximum amount of growth hormone in the body of children is released during sleep.

The sugar content in cold drinks is very high and the sugar disrupts the growth hormone secretion at night, causing the growth hormone to not be secreted adequately in the baby.

Cold drinks also disrupt sleep, not getting enough sleep also adversely affects the child’s growth hormone, making the child’s height not increase.

Cold drinks should not be given to growing children after the evening.

Cold Drink Increase the Chances of Kidney Stones

Drinking cold drinks daily disturbs the pH level of the body and hence the urine becomes acidic.

Acidic urine promotes kidney stones and stones start forming in the kidney.

Along with that, the daily consumption of cold drinks also dehydrates the body, increasing the risk of kidney stones.  

Cold Drink or Soft Drink Increase Blood Sugar

Cold drinks contain a lot of sugar.

One can or 200 ml cold drink contains 39 grams of sugar or 10 teaspoons of sugar.

Consuming too much sugar is very harmful to our health.

Due to too much sugar, we can get diabetes, obesity and many cardiovascular diseases. 

Overdose of Caffeine

There is a lot of caffeine in cold drinks, so problems like confusion, nervousness, and insomnia begin to appear from drinking cold drinks on a daily basis. 

Daily intake of caffeine causes withdrawal symptoms, you cannot simply quit because when you quit you start having symptoms like headache, fatigue, restlessness etc.

Overdose of Phosphoric Acid

The amount of phosphoric acid in cold drinks is high, so enamel is damaged and teeth begin to rot or cavities form.

Stomach problems begin due to large amounts of phosphoric acid. 

Artificial Colors Added in Excessive Amounts

An artificial coloring agent is added to cold drinks to give it color.

By consuming cold drinks on a daily basis, our body initiates an allergic reaction to these artificial colors.

Due to this artificial color, the chances of getting cancer are greatly increased. 

Dehydrate the Body

Cold drinks have a diuretic effect.

As a result, the kidneys have to bear more load and more water is excreted from the body.

As a result, problems such as dehydration, constipation, hemorrhoids and fatigue persist.  

Cold Drinks Cause Stomach Ulcers

The pH of the cold drink is exceptionally acidic. 

As a result, the probability of acidity and ulceration is significantly increased in individuals who take it on a day-by-day basis.

It disturbs the pH in our stomach and starts to damage the cells inside the stomach.

The pH of cold drinks is between 2.5 and 3.5, which is very acidic. 

Cold Drinks Weaken Bones

Because of cold drink calcium is not absorbed properly in our body and our bones become weak.

People who drink cold drinks daily are 10 times more likely to have osteoporosis than those who drink cold drinks once a week. 

Cold Drinks Causes Insomnia

People who drink cold drinks every day have sleep problems.

The main reason for this is the caffeine found in cold drinks.

It starts to disrupt the normal functioning of the neurons in our brain and leads to insomnia.

It is often found that people who drink cold drinks on a daily basis stay awake the whole night.

Increase Your Chances of Getting Piles

People who drink cold drinks every day significantly increase their chances of getting hemorrhoids.

Cold drinks dehydrate our body hence constipation starts and then becomes piles.

Drinking cold drinks also reduces the body’s need for water, making it difficult for us to drink properly and the body suffers from dehydration. 

Increases Your Chances of Obesity

Daily consumption of cold drinks starts to increase body fat.

Cold drinks contain a lot of sugar, which causes body fat to begin to increase.

Along with this, it also causes diabetes. 


** Cold Drink/Carbonated Drink/Soft Drink



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