What is Night Fall and How to Control Night Fall

A wet dream which is also called night fall in common language. 

A night fall (wet dream) is when you ejaculate while you sleep. 

To “ejaculate” means to release semen from your penis. 

To have a night fall (wet dream), you must have reached puberty and your testicles must be able to produce sperm.

Usually a night fall (wet dream) occurs when dreaming about sex, but not always. 

You may not even remember the dream. 

Doctors call night fall (wet dream) “nocturnal emissions.” Nocturnal means “at night.” 

Emission is another way of saying release. 

They are also known as “sleep orgasms”.

You don’t have to masturbate to have a night fall (wet dream). 

You can ejaculate without touching your penis.

what is night fall


Even adults and teenagers can have night fall (wet dream). 

Although girls cannot ejaculate, they can have an orgasm during a dream. 

However, girls do not have such dreams as often as boys.


What Causes Night Fall (Wet Dream)

When men reach puberty, the body begins to produce the hormone testosterone. 

Once your body produces testosterone, it can release sperm. 

This means that you will be able to fertilize an egg if you decide to have children in the future. 

It also means you can get a girl pregnant if you have sex.

During puberty, you’ll start to get erections at any times of the day.

You can even get an erection while you sleep. 

Sperm can accumulate in your body. 

Sperm released by a night fall (wet dream).

Wet dreams are an normal part of growing up, but not all teenagers have them. 

Whether you have a lot or not doesn’t mean you have a problem.

Some men have night fall (wet dream) several times a week. 

Others may only have a few wet dreams in their lifetime. 

Some research shows you’re more likely to have sex dreams when you’re a stomach sleeper.


How Do You Deal with Night Fall (Wet Dream)

When you wake up, cleanse yourself. 

Wash the penis and testicles with soap and water, including the area under the foreskin.

If you feel guilty or uncomfortable about having night fall (wet dream) or about a certain wet dreams just relax there is nothing to worry about. 

Talk to your doctor, parent, counselor or other adult you trust.


How to Control Night Fall

There is nothing you can do to control or stop night fall (wet dream), but once you start releasing semen through masturbation or sex with a partner, you may find that you have less of it.

If you don’t sleep on your stomach, you can reduce the frequency of night fall (wet dream).

Nightfall is not considered bad for health as it is a sign of healthy sex organs as well as puberty. It doesn’t harm your body.



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