Why Should You Eat Dinner Before 7pm

Inquire any wellness devotee almost the correct time for the final dinner of the day, and they will list down all the health benefits of an early supper. 

They are not off-base, according to a research eating a late supper is related to weight gain, constipation and high blood sugar levels.

The timing of your final supper is just one perspective of your general diet. 

The quality of your meals and snacks all through the day matters as well. 

Is it OK to eat dinner at 10pm


There’s really no all-inclusive run of the show that manages a particular cut-off time for eating, 

Let’s find out what an expert needs to say about not eating after 7 PM. 

Balance Hormones Naturally

Our hormones, including insulin and cortisol, follow a daily rhythm. 

earlier is consistent with the body’s natural hormonal pattern,
potentially supporting a healthier metabolism and hormone regulation.

There should be a gap of at least 3 hours before bed. 

You can also take a slow 30-minute walk after dinner to help you digest better.

But if you eat right before bed, it can lead to digestive upsets, including indigestion, acid reflux, and bloating. 

When you lie down after eating, gravity doesn’t help move food through the digestive system, which can lead to these problems. 

In addition, it can lead to blood sugar spikes, especially if the meal is high in carbohydrates. 

These mutations can disrupt your body’s natural regulation of blood sugar at night.

Circadian Rhythm Adjustment 

Our bodies are designed to follow circadian rhythms that control various bodily functions. 

Eating in sync with this rhythm optimizes digestion and metabolism, allowing the digestive tract to rest and the liver to rest and detoxify without overloading. 

This downtime also helps build a healthier gut microbiome and improves digestion.

Lower Blood Sugar Naturally

Early dinner help increase insulin sensitivity, which means your body’s cells are more responsive to insulin. 

This helps regulate blood sugar more effectively and reduces the risk of insulin resistance, which can eventually lead to type-2 diabetes. 

In addition, it reduces post-meal insulin spikes and makes them more manageable. 

It prevents rapid and excessive fluctuations in blood sugar levels, which contributes to better overall blood sugar levels.

Help in Insomnia

Eating near to sleep time can lead to disturbed sleep due to distress or indigestion. 

An early supper permits your body to settle into a state of peacefulness amid the night, advancing way better sleep quality.

Good for Heart health

Eating at night, especially high-calorie and unhealthy foods, can have a negative effect on heart health. 

On the other hand, an earlier dinner can help improve heart health by reducing the consumption of fatty foods before bed.


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