What is the Most Common Treatment for Cholelithiasis

Treatment for Cholelithiasis – Cholelithiasis means gallstones or stones in the gallbladder. 

They can range in size from a grain of rice to as large as a small ping pong ball.

They usually do not cause any problems, but when they get stuck in the bile duct, then the problem starts and the patient suffers severe pain.

A Cholelithiasis (gallbladder stone) is formed due to the thickening of bile. 

Bile fluid is made up of cholesterol, bilirubin, bile salts, and lecithin.

Many people have Cholelithiasis but they do not know until they get an ultrasound done or there is severe pain in the stomach.

Disease Caused by Cholelithiasis

Cholelithiasis does not cause any problem as long as it is lying in your gall bladder, but when it moves out of its place and reaches the bile duct, then it becomes very dangerous and can give you many serious problems. As

1) Liver disease

2) Pancreatitis

3) Gall bladder inflammation (Cholecystitis)

4) Cholangitis

5) Jaundice

6) Malnutrition

Of these, liver disease and pancreatitis are the most dangerous conditions. 

Therefore, whenever you have the pain of gall bladder stone, it is better to get it operated.

Gall bladder stone never melts, so never think that this stone will melt away. Its operation is the only solution.


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What is the Reason for Having Cholelithiasis

The main reason for having cholelithiasis is the high amount of cholesterol in your body. 

About 75% of gallbladder stones are formed due to cholesterol.

Apart from cholesterol, gallbladder stones are also formed due to diabetes, excess bilirubin, obesity, and metabolic disorders.

There is another reason for having gallbladder stones when our body is healthy, our small intestine sends a message to the gallbladder to secrete bile so that fat can be digested properly.

When the gallbladder is healthy, it contracts and secretes bile.

But when the Gall Bladder is not able to function properly, then it is not able to remove the complete Bile and this remaining Bile remains lying in the Gall Bladder itself and thickens and makes a stone.

Why Women Are More Prone to Cholelithiasis

Females have excess hormones called estrogen and progesterone.

Estrogen increases cholesterol while progesterone decreases the rate of contraction of the gallbladder, both of which contribute to a higher incidence of gallbladder stones in women.

What is the Identification of Cholelithiasis

If you have cholelithiasis, you will have severe pain in the upper right side of the abdomen. 

This pain will start by and by and then after that, the intensity of the pain will increase.

Sometimes this pain is gradual but continuous. It is visible on ultrasound. 

Many people do not experience any symptoms throughout life and these stones remain in the gallbladder without causing any harm.

How to Remove Cholelithiasis

There are three ways to remove gallbladder stones, one is open surgery to remove a gallbladder stone, and the other is to remove gall bladder stone through laparoscopic surgery.

In laparoscopic surgery, the stone is removed by making a very small hole. 

Your gallbladder stone is also removed by doing the ERCP.

In ERCP no hole has to be made and in this, an endoscopy pipe is inserted through our mouth and is brought to the Gall Bladder, and from there the stone is taken out through the pipe.

Can Gallbladder Removal Cause Problems Later in Life

There is no problem in the body after Cholelithiasis surgery. The bile duct is connected directly during the surgery.

The bile that the gallbladder used to collect earlier now sends the same bile to our body directly to the small intestine.

That’s why the patient does not face any problems further. Within a few weeks after the operation, our body adjusts itself.

How to Prevent Cholelithiasis 

You have to make changes in your diet to prevent getting Cholelithiasis

1) Reduce the intake of fried, junk food, and fast food

2) Don’t eat red meat

3) Be a vegetarian

4) reduce obesity

5) Must do physical labor

Diet after Cholelithiasis Surgery

After Gall bladder surgery it’s important to understand the diet because first month after surgery is important to recover. 

1) Eating fiber rich foods

2) Eating foods low in fat

3) Take plenty of water

4) Have some fruit juice daily


What is Cholecystitis with Cholelithiasis

When there is inflammation in the gallbladder due to gallbladder stones, the condition is called Cholecystitis.

This occurs when a gallbladder stone gets stuck in the cystic duct and blocks the flow of bile.

In this condition, the patient has severe pain in the upper part of the abdomen on the right side and this pain spreads to the shoulder.

The pain gets worse after taking a deep breath. Its main treatment is surgery.


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