When to Get an SGPT Test: Screening and Diagnosis of Liver Disorders

SGPT Blood Test – The full form of SGPT is Serum Glutamic Pyruvic Transaminase and it is also called ALT.
ALT stands for Alanine Transaminase and this enzyme is mainly found in our liver.
When our liver or liver cells get damaged, this enzyme enters our blood. In the SGPT blood test, we measure the amount of this ALT enzyme.

What is the Main Function of SGPT

1) Building proteins
2) Storing vitamins and iron
3) Removal of toxins from the body
4) Production of bile and other digestive juices that digest food 


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Symptoms of High SGPT

1) Abdominal pain
2) Loss of appetite
3) Weakness and fatigue
4) Vomiting or Nausea
5) Jaundice
6) Swelling in the abdomen or legs
7) Dark-colored urine
8) Itching in the body
9) Light-colored or chalky stools

Symptoms of Low Level of SGPT 

Low SGPT is not a problem, it is considered normal. But sometimes a lower-than-normal amount of SGPT in the blood indicates vitamin B6 deficiency or a serious kidney problem. 

For this, you must get your Kidney Function Test (KFT) done.

SGPT Test Normal Value

The normal value of SGPT in a healthy person is 7 U/L to 55 U/L. If the value is more than this, it indicates liver disease.

Does SGPT Test Require Fasting?

No, you can get the SGPT test done at any time and there is no need of fasting for it.

Reason for High SGPT in Blood

1) Liver infection

2) Fatty Liver

3) Jaundice

4) Hepatitis

5) Obesity

6) Diabetes

7) Misuses of medicines

8) Consumption of alcohol

9) Gallbladder stones or infection

10) Any problem in the kidney or heart

11) Too much iron in the body

12) Liver cancer or cirrhosis

13) Too much Vitamin A in the body

14) Sepsis

15) Due to a drug overdose

16) Heatstroke

17) Due to any injury in muscles

What Causes Sudden Rise in SGPT Other Than Disease

There are many other reasons for abnormal SGPT levels such as

1) SGPT levels also increase due to excessive exercise, especially those who have started going to the gym or doing physical work, their SGPT levels remain elevated for a few days.

2) Some medicines like statins, aspirin, sleeping pills, etc., and food supplements also increase SGPT levels.

3) SGPT levels decrease with age.

4) SGPT level increases even when BMI is high.

5) The SGPT of Mexican Americans remains mostly elevated.



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