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There are some successful and reliable strategy in Intraday trading in Indian stock market. Best strategies are the ones, where you trade with the simplest method possible.

Earning 1000–2000 is very easy in Intraday trading. You don’t need to see any charts or indicators for that.

Only discipline and patience can lead you to good profits in Intraday trading.

let me tell you simple strategy for Intraday by which you will be able to make around 1000–2000 per day. 

Let’s go step by step  

In the morning around 9 am go to NSE website and check out the sectorial index. 

Check out the index which is top gainer and top looser.

Now once the rates are settled at 9.08 am. Check out the stock which is top gainer and the top looser.

Check out the index, Whether it is bullish or bearish.

For example Vedanta is top gainer and Market view is bullish. Will take a bullish trade in Vedanta.

Now wait for markets to open. Once market opens wait for 5 mins and check out market direction, If market sustains positive then take a positive trade on Vedanta.

Take a trade at 9.20 am.

Vedanta has a lot size of 1550. 1 Rupee movement in stock will give you 1550.

If you feel market may reverse, Then go with top looser on shorting side.

In case if you go with stock which is bullish the stop loss will be day’s low and vice versa.

Either keep stop loss and target 1:1 or keep it at day’s low.

The strategy can be 80% successful.


Few points to keep in mind while executing this strategy

1) Trade with strict stop loss. Always place a
bracket/cover/stop loss order. 

By doing this you will not end up with
any major loss in single day and your capital will remain safe for

2) Before applying the strategy in live market. Try it out as paper trade for a month.

3) Choose liquid stocks only as this strategy will require movement in stocks.  

Nifty50 stocks have a good Liquidity to trade which is the first thing to keep in mind while trading

4) Intraday trading is not recommended for everyone specially newbies in market.

5) Risk reward ratio should be at least 1:2. By doing this you will be in market for longer time and will learn how to trade. 

For example if you keep risk reward ratio 1:2 and let’s say you can bear a loss of 500 per trade and want profit of 1000 per trade you can trade at least 100 scripts and if out of 100 scripts you are able to manage 60 trades right still you are in profit. 

And once you have traded 100 scripts I am sure you will at least learn something about Intraday trading.

6) Always follow the market trend line. Never ever try to play contra calls with market, Just play with market Trend if it is going up then go long and if market is going down go short. 

7) Do not believe blindly what market experts are saying on TV. 

They are just giving you calls on there understanding maybe they are right or they are wrong. 

And anyone can be right or wrong so don’t believe them or there advice blindly do your research too

8) Never ever trade without a strategy. If you will trade without any strategy you will end up in loss. 

Think twice about your strategy plan accordingly and once you have made a strategy stick to it.

9) If you want to succeed in trading keep these rules in mind. I can not guarantee your success but I can guarantee one thing that you will at least learn how to trade successfully in market, if you follow these set of rules. 

10) Only start trading with the amount which you can afford to loose.

I hope this simple strategy will help you making some good money!


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