Is Life Possible on Mars Planet


What was life like on Mars

Is Life Possible on Mars Planet –  If we think about life beyond Earth, there is only one planet where we can live with some adjustments.

We can not live on mercury because it is so close to the Sun and it is almost impossible to manage the Sun’s heat and radiation.  

The air pressure in Venus is so high that we will feel like 100 elephants are riding on us.  

Acid rain falls on Venus.  Jupiter is a gas giant so it is impossible to live on Jupiter.  

Saturn also somewhat resembles Jupiter. Uranus and Neptune are both the coldest and gas giants.  

While we do not yet have the proper information about Pluto and it is also very far from Earth.  

Even sunlight takes more than 5 hours to reach there.

Mars is the only hope. Life possible on mars.

Human beings need basic things like oxygen, water, food, shelter and energy to live on any planet.


The surface of Mars consists of anywhere from 1% to 60% water. Almost all the water on Mars is present in the form of ice. 
Some percentage of water in the atmosphere is in the form of vapor.
Several Mars missions suggest that water may have flowed on Mars 2 billion years ago. Most of the water on Mars is located in the polar caps and regions. 
Most people ask whether it rains on Mars, but the low atmospheric pressure would cause the water on the surface to boil quickly. 
That’s why it won’t rain on Mars. The Mars mission Curiosity rover is still working on Mars and it is continuously sending information about Mars. 
Which shows the evidence of river and sea in Mars. It is believed that due to some circumstances Mars has lost its atmosphere and all the water in the sea and river on Mars has evaporated quickly. 
If we are able to convert those water molecules into usable water then we can easily start life on Mars. 
We have machines that can convert atmospheric water into usable water. 
Mars mission Phoenix detected snowfall on Mars. But this snow does not fall on the surface but on the atmosphere.

Did Mars used to be like Earth




Before living in any planet we have to make earth like shelter or atmosphere. 
Shelter that can protect us from radiation, provide us with Earth-like gravity, provide oxygen and protect us from the cold of Mars. 
Scientists have made such shelters but the problem is that we have to make that setup in Mars. 
Which is very expensive and time consuming. It takes about one year to reach Mars from Earth. 
It is easier to live on Mars if we are able to take these shelters or build such shelters on Mars. We can make igloos like a home or an underground home on Mars.


Life is not possible without oxygen and the atmosphere of Mars is 95% carbon dioxide. The atmosphere of Mars is 100 times thinner than that of Earth. 
We have machines that can convert carbon dioxide into oxygen.
NASA’s Perseverance rover created a breath of fresh air on Mars. 
An experimental device on the rover split carbon dioxide molecules into their component parts, creating about 10 minutes’ worth of breathable oxygen


The most important step is to produce food on Mars. The soil of Mars is full of toxic elements such as ferric oxide, silicon dioxide, sulfur oxide, aluminum oxide and calcium oxide. 
Martian soil lacks organic biological material but fortunately have minerals for the plants. 
So the soil needs preparation like removal of toxic elements. Plants require high pressure (like earth), water, light and carbon dioxide. 
We have already made these things in the lab. We just need to set up the things on Mars. 
Researchers are trying to grow crops in the lab with fake Martian dirt. 
Recent experiments have demonstrated that potatoes can grow on Mars, but likely only varieties that can tolerate the salty Martian soil


We can use solar energy for energy and electricity. We can install solar panels on the surface of Mars to meet the need for energy and electricity. 
We have to build a shelter that can protect us from UV rays and radiation.

Final Word

NASA believes that nature has given humans all the necessary support tools to survive anywhere, we just need to tweak it a bit. 
We cannot replace Mars as Earth but humans will have to adapt to the nature of Mars living. 
Mars is the most desirable place to live after Earth.


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