Life is not Possible on Planet Mercury Why

What are 5 facts about Mercury


Can we live on any other planet than Earth?
Human has been searching for the answer to this question for many years and that is why we have also sent so many space missions and are also sending it continuously. 
But so far no signs of life have been found on any planet other than Earth. 
But Human never gives up if any planet is not suitable for life then we can adapt ourselves according to that planet with the help of science.
Today we will talk about Mercury, the first planet in our solar system. Today we will know what are the possibilities of life in the planet Mercury and can we live on the planet Mercury.

Life is not Possible on Planet Mercury Why

Few things are most important to survive on any planet. such as oxygen, water, gravity and the atmosphere.

Mercury is the closest planet to the Sun and the smallest (if we don’t consider Pluto) planet in our solar system. 
The planet Mercury is slightly bigger than our Moon. Being closest to the Sun, it orbits the Sun in just 87.97 days (about 88 days). 
Mercury rotates very slowly on its own axis, due to which its one day is equal to 58 Earth days. Mercury has no satellite.


Planet Mercury is closest to the Sun, due to which its temperature remains very high. 
The temperature of the part which remains towards the sun is about 430°C and the part which is hidden from the sun, the temperature of that part remains about -280 °C which is very cold. 
It is impossible to live in such extreme temperatures. Because on one side it is so hot that your body becomes steam and on the other side it is so cold that you freeze while standing. 
So it is impossible for humans to live on the planet Mercury because of the temperature.


Due to its proximity to the Sun, its temperature remains very high and there is no atmosphere in it, due to which even if there is water, it will evaporate immediately. 

But the surprising thing is that millions of tons of ice are buried near Mercury‘s crater. 

Sunlight does not reach this part of Mercury‘s crater, due to which the temperature here remains very low and the snow is still there.

But we cannot use this ice because as soon as we start digging this ice out, this ice will evaporate immediately due to absence of atmosphere. 

There is no possibility of life here as there is no water. Even if we arrange water in an artificial way, then it will be very expensive. 



There is no atmosphere on the planet Mercury, so no gas can stagnate here. 

Very small amounts of hydrogen, helium, oxygen, sodium (29%) and potassium are found in its exosphere. 

Due to absence of environment, it is almost impossible for life to flourish here. 

Its surface is just like our moon, rocky, broken, full of rocks and sometimes flat. 

The reason it does not have an atmosphere is its distance from the Sun. 

Being very close to the Sun, the force of the Sun and the solar wind blows away its atmosphere. Its gravity is also so weak that it cannot hold any atmosphere.



The planet Mercury does not have an atmosphere, due to which the harmful radiation of the Sun keep bombarding on this planet continuously. Due to which no life can flourish.

Due to the absence of an atmosphere, this planet is unable to hold the heat of the Sun and becomes very cold during the night.
If Mercury had an atmosphere, it would have been the hottest planet in the solar system, but due to the absence of an atmosphere, it would not be able to hold the heat of the Sun. 
Venus is the hottest planet in our solar system because of its atmosphere. Inside the planet Mercury there is a core similar to that of Earth, which is two-thirds of its total size.
The gravity of Mercury is also one third of the gravity of the earth.
Since the core of the Mercury has lava like the Earth, there may be live volcanoes on its surface.



Two biggest reasons why life is not possible on the planet Mercury are its temperature and the radiation coming from the sun, which will not allow life to flourish. 
Instead of exploring the possibility of life on Mercury, it is better that we try on other planets on which conditions are more favorable for human beings like Mars. 
This is the reason that very few missions have been sent on Mercury.


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