Interesting story of India’s first supercomputer Param


First super computer of India

Super computer is very important for any country. With the help of supercomputer, we can get weather related information, oil and gas exploration, aerodynamics, nuclear fusion research etc. 

supercomputer is very important for any kind of research and making of military weapons.
In 1988, India also needed a super computer and at that time only a company named “Cray” of America used to make supercomputers. 

India wanted to buy that super computer from that company and at that time it was worth about 70 crores.

America’s Obstacle

At that time it was the rule of America that any American company had to get permission from the US government to sell its goods outside America. 

The “Cray” company also sought permission from the US government to sell supercomputers to India, but the US did not.
The US government’s argument was that India would use supercomputers not for research or research, but for military purposes. 

India was in great need of supercomputers at that time, so the then Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi called a meeting of the scientists of our country and asked the scientists present there “Can we make supercomputers.”
The famous scientist present there at that time, Vijay Bhatkar said that our scientists have so much ability that they can make supercomputers. 

On this Rajiv Gandhi asked “How long can it take to build a super computer?”

Vijay Bhatkar said that we will make a super computer in less time than the super computer will be imported from America.
Rajiv Gandhi again asked “How much will it cost?”

Vijay Bhatkar replied that the work will be done in less budget than what we buy from America.

Rajiv Gandhi was greatly impressed by these things and he gave his approval for the construction of supercomputers.

Amazing work done by Indian scientists

For this a project was started which was named “C – DAC”. And in just three years, in 1991, India made its first supercomputer “Param“. 

At that time America spread the rumor that it is not that powerful, then India took its supercomputer to the international exhibition where it was found that “Param” is the second fastest supercomputer in the world.
Also the price of “Param” was only 3 crores. The next day a news paper in America wrote something like this heading ” Denied super computer, Angry India Does it !”

An angry India made its own supercomputer for refusing to give a supercomputer

Because of our low cost, Britain, Canada and Germany bought many supercomputers from us and the “Cray” company suffered a lot. 

Blessed are the scientists of our country who always held the head of our country high.


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