How Long Can You Go Without Sleep Before You Die


what happens if you don't sleep for 11 days

How Long Can You Go Without Sleep – Sleep is very essential for our mental and physical health. 

Without eating we can live for 2 months and without drinking we can live for a week to 10 days but without sleep we can live only for maximum 12 days. 

We must take 8 hours of sleep every day. Whenever we do not get enough sleep, we feel very strange in the morning. 

The head hurts and the head feels heavy. Doesn’t feel like doing any work.
But if you are told that you have to stay awake continuously for a month, then you cannot even guess what condition you will be in. 

Let us know what will happen if we do not sleep for many days.

Russian Sleep Experiment

To find out how long we can live without sleeping, Russia (Soviet Union) conducted an experiment on five prisoners of war during World War I in 1940.
The result of this experiment was so frightening that even before the end of this experiment, all five prisoners had to be killed. 

In 1940, the Soviet Union designed an experiment in which they had to keep five prisoners in a room for 30 days and the condition was that whoever remained awake for 30 days would be released from prison.

How Was That Experiment Done

Five prisoners of war were kept in a large room where they were provided with all kinds of facilities from food, drink and sleep. But no arrangement was made for him to sleep or sit.
Along with this, two one-way vision mirrors were also installed in the room where they were kept so that those prisoners could be monitored. 

In order to prevent the prisoners from falling asleep, an experimental gas was also released in that room after a while to keep them awake.

What Was the Result of This Experiment

Initially, there was no change in the prisoners, but after five days the restlessness among the prisoners increased. 

By the 9th day, all the prisoners started screaming like crazy and the prisoners used to shout so loudly that many of them got their vocal cords torn.
The prisoners would shout strangely and grumble strangely. After a day or two, that room became completely silent. When the researchers wanted to talk to a prisoner, he refused and said that he does not want to be free.
Hearing this, when the research team went inside that room, they saw that there were lumps of blood and flesh lying all around the room. Prisoners did not even touch the food which was given to them.
The prisoners were eating each other’s pieces of meat. All the prisoners were bleeding badly. Seeing all this, the senses of the research team were blown away and they immediately took out all the prisoners, 2 prisoners were not ready to come out. 

With great difficulty, those prisoners were brought under control by administering 8 injections of morphine.
During this treatment, 3 prisoners lost their lives and the other two prisoners were locked back in the same room. 

However, the commander in chief wanted to continue this experiment. Therefore, he kept a team of 3 researchers with the remaining 2 prisoners so that they could keep an eye on them.
But due to the actions of both the prisoners, a researcher was very scared and he shot the other two prisoners. After this incident, this experiment was stopped.

The full details of this experiment were published in a website called Creepypasta Wiki in 2009. However, Russia had rejected the claim of any such experiment.

But this experiment shows that not sleeping for 11 consecutive days can drive you crazy and eventually you will die.


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