What Is The Real Science Theory Behind The Bermuda Triangle

bermuda Triangle mystery solved


The Bermuda Triangle, also known as the Devil’s Triangle. Known for mysterious disappearances of ships and planes for many years. 

The causes have been attributed to aliens, time slips, the supernatural, etc, but modern technology and careful research have solved the “mystery”. 

The area has no more problems than anywhere else. One problem is that there are methane hydrates on the sea bed (which, if disturbed, and given it’s a highly seismically active zone, this does happen) can rise to the surface and cause the water to lose its buoyancy, thus making ships sink.

The weather is another, and a major factor. Huge, violent thunderstorms can form and it’s easy for inexperienced sailors to get lost or panic. 

Also, the area is prone to rouge waves – gigantic walls of water, which can very easily overwhelm even a ship as large as a tanker. 

Then the island of Bermuda has many historic shipwrecks around it because of the underwater rocks surrounding the island. 

Finally, there’s the Gulf Stream. It is an extremely powerful current, and anything sinking in a particular location may not be found where it sank, because the current has swept it away and the Triangle is too big an area to search the whole of properly for a shipwreck.

The so called Devil’s Triangle

It’s a fact that until the newspapers began hinting that there was a mystery in the 1950s, nobody thought anything strange was happening. 

It began in 1952, when the author George Sand first mentioned about the Bermuda triangle in a magazine called Fate. 

In this magazine, he mostly described the Flight-19 incident where the U.S navy airplanes went missing in 1945, supposedly over the Triangle. 

He also mentioned about the ship Sandra that disappeared in 1950. Others writers leaped on this and began to create the mystery. 

Charles Berlitz’s book was the most well known, but like other authors, he attributed normal disasters, such as the explosion of a USAF seaplane into something supernatural and many other of the so called mysterious disappearances either never took place in the Bermuda Triangle at all or were perfectly normal. 

Indeed one incident attributed to the Bermuda Triangle actually occurred in the Pacific Ocean! 

The US coastguard say they are often called out to inexperienced sailors, who get into trouble, including one couple who thought to sail to Bermuda from Miami using only a map of the area printed on a table mat for guidance!

Look at any of the books on the mysteries of the Bermuda Triangle then look up each “incident” on Google and you will find that there are perfectly logical explanations for each. 




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