Can a Diabetic Patient Eat Honey

Diabetics should eat sugar or carbohydrates in controlled amounts. 

patients start taking honey instead of sweet and think that honey is
natural sweetener and that they can take it, but how much truth in it 

Can Honey be Substituted for Sugar for Diabetics

Honey is a carbohydrate composed mainly of glucose and fructose. 

Diabetics should take carbohydrates in controlled amounts because carbohydrates quickly raise blood sugar levels.

Is honey OK for diabetics


One teaspoon of honey contains more carbohydrates than one teaspoon of sugar. Therefore, it rapidly increases blood sugar.

The glycemic index of honey is high. The glycemic index indicates how quickly a food raises the sugar in our body. 

High glycemic index of honey causes a rapid rise in blood sugar. 

That is why sugar patients should pay attention to the quantity when taking honey. 

addition to carbohydrates, honey also contains minerals, vitamins and
antioxidants that are necessary for our body, but apart from honey,
there are other nutrient rich and low glycemic foods that we should
consume instead of honey.

The absorption of
honey in the body depends on the individual. In some people, honey
raises blood sugar quickly, while in some it doesn’t have much of an

Honey should be consumed in a teaspoon or less in sugar patients. It would be better if diabetics did not use honey at all. 

In general, there is no benefit to replacing sugar with honey in a diabetic diet. 



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