5 Possible Causes of Blood in Mucus from Throat

The mental condition of a person worsens just by hearing that there is blood in mucus from throat. 

There can be many reasons for blood in mucus from throat.

For example, due to prolonged cough, TB, lung cancer, lung infection, bronchitis, or coughing too forcefully, many times blood comes out.

Blood in mucus from throat once or twice can be a normal thing, but repeated blood in mucus from throat can be a symptom of some serious diseases.


blood in mucus from throat


Causes of Blood in Mucus from Throat

Blood in mucus is called Hemoptysis. There can be many reasons like

Chronic Cough –  If you have a cough for a long time, prolonged coughing can rupture the tissue in your throat and leak blood. The amount of this blood is very less.

Bronchitis – Bronchitis is usually caused by viral or bacterial infections, but can also be caused by irritants such as smoke, dust, or chemical fumes.

Bronchitis primarily affects the bronchi, the airways that carry air to and from the lungs.

When bronchitis lasts for a long time, the infection causes blood to start coming from the cough.

COPD – It stands for Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

The inflammation narrows the trachea, causing the patient to cough incessantly. You may also leak blood when you cough.

Pneumonia – Pneumonia causes bacterial infections in the lungs, causing people to have difficulty breathing, coughing, fever, and chest pain. There is blood in the mucus in Pneumonia.

Lung Cancer – People who smoke, drink alcohol, or consume tobacco have the highest risk of developing lung cancer.

These patients suffer from persistent coughing and associated dyspnea and chest pain. In lung cancer when patient cough patient get blood.

TB – Due to tuberculosis, patient continuously cough with mucus and blood also comes along with it. Cough due to tuberculosis comes for a long time.

Heart Failure – Even if your heart is not working properly, you may cough up blood.

This blood is pink in color, it means that your heart is no longer working properly. This is a symptom of heart failure.

What is the Diagnosis of Blood in Mucus from Throat

1) X-ray of the chest
2) CBC
3) Bronchoscopy
4) Sputum culture or AFB

How Do You Treat if There is Blood in Mucus from Throat

If you have a blood in mucus from throat, do not ignore it at all, and do not start treating yourself.
Do not consult to any doctor, consult with only to a chest physician.

If your weight is falling continuously along with blood in the mucus, you are having continuous fever and do not feel like eating together then it is a bad condition.
You should immediately contact a chest physician.


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