Why are Fast Foods so Unhealthy


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Why is fast food bad for you, It is not the fact that fast food is bad for your health, it is the fact that it is very easy to overeat, and thus can have harmful effects.

Trans fatty acids, high sugar and excess of salts are the things which are seriously harmful to one’s health.

Trans fats are made through the process of hydrogenating vegetable oils, and these partially hydrogenated vegetable oils have a common presence in the fast food industry.

If you’re concerned about Why is fast food bad for you, here’s why.  

Why fast food is bad

Fast food is usually very high in calories, which means it contains a lot of calories. 

People usually make the mistake of thinking of high calorie foods as injurious to health, although this is not the case.

Over consumption is the determining factor in negative health effects.

You can eat anything in excess, and it will be bad for you. However, fast food is very easy to overeat because of its convenience.

Let me address a few points that were mentioned earlier.


Excess of Salt

People like to claim that salt is the verdict of high blood pressure. What people fail to realize is that it is an imbalance between one’s salt intake and their potassium intake.

Since salt is more readily and easily obtainable than potassium, this leads to a high-salt-low-potassium diet.

Thus, people shift judgment to sodium. It’s not, and like I said, it’s an imbalance between the two. 

If you eat a high-sodium diet, and combine that intake with potassium, swoosh, your problem is out the window.

In fact, salt is a very important mineral. It regulates external water, and determines the amount of aldosterone in your body. 

Since salt regulates extracellular water, potassium controls intracellular water. 

When there is a high imbalance between the two of you, you get hypertension or high blood pressure.

There needs to be a balance between the two to prevent the strenuous nature of having too much water outside the cells and not being fully hydrated inside the cells.


Excess of Fat

Although fat is more calorie dense than other macro nutrients, it is once again a mistake that calorie rich foods are bad.

They are not bad, they are easy to overeat and thus it will be easier to get negative health effects.


Bad or Processed Carbs

Ask anyone for scientific proof why anything “processed” is bad, and see if they fail to present it.

This claim is nothing less than a pseudo scientific, no matter how much people want it to be true.

The fact is that all carbohydrates have the same molecular structure; C6H12O6, and all carbohydrates are made of sugars.

Carbohydrates are nothing more than just long strands of sugar molecules, whereas sugars are just that short strands/single molecules. 

So you say insulin? Well insulin is the hormone that controls the storage of the incoming food. 

However, when people claim that insulin is the cause of fat storage, it is half-true. First, both proteins and carbohydrates cause a response to insulin. 

In addition, insulin does not store things as fat, but prevents the oxidation of fats. 

Carbohydrates will (almost) never be stored as fat. End of story period. 

Anyone who claims otherwise is doing nonsense like anyone else and has no grasp on biological mechanisms. 

So when you eat carbohydrates, they don’t get stored as fat, but instead inhibit the oxidation of fat. 

Yet, when you are in a calorie deficit, you will oxidize fat regardless of insulin production.


Too Much Sugar

Sugar is bad only if consumed in excess. Why? Because producing too much insulin can cause diabetes.

There is no doubt about it. However, this applies directly to significant amounts of sugar without any other macro nutrients. 

For example, sugar eaten with protein or fat will slow down the digestion process, thus (mostly) eliminating the problem of insulin production. 

Well fast food has a very high protein/fat to sugar ratio, and thus, slows down the digestion of sugar significantly. 


What to take from it

The main thing to get out of this is that fast food isn’t bad for you. It is bad if overeating which is very easy to get because of its convenience. 

Trans-fats are the only concern that must be taken into account when choosing a variety of foods. 

Everything is perfectly fine in moderation, and will not have any harmful effects. 

Fast food from time to time won’t hurt you. Twice a day? Yes indeed it can have side effects.




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