Things we should keep in mind while trading | What makes a trader successful


What makes a trader successful

There are a few points that you should keep in mind while day trading.


Greed is the enemy of intraday trading. Once, you have made a profit from the trade, do not hold positions expecting large profits in a single trade. 

There is no need to do unnecessary trading in a single day. You will have several sessions to trade.


An intraday trader will always have the fear of losing money. But that shouldn’t stop him from doing business. 

There will be losses in the business of traders throughout the day. But it should not cross out winning trades.

Book your profits on targets you have already set

For successful trading, it is advisable for intraday traders to place limit orders after buying or selling their trades. 

If the share price starts moving in your favor then you should not increase your targets. Because it can be risky.


The expression “seeing red” has never been more appropriate when describing an angry trader. 

Anger can cause traders to judge themselves too harshly and make divided decisions. 

Day traders can eliminate anger by taking a break. 

It’s better to take a break than to lose a bunch of money just because you’re angry. If you’re too nervous to trade, don’t.


Another all-too-common human emotion is regret. Every day the trader out there has moves that they regret making and move forward with their will. 

The biggest downside of regret is that it can make many traders feel like they have to “make up for it” on the next trade. 

Day traders can eliminate regret by letting it go. Don’t make bad decisions trying to make up for what you see as a mistake. 

Instead, learn from it, study what you did wrong, and make a plan to make sure you don’t make the same mistake twice.

Keep calm

It is very important to remain calm during the trading session. 

You should not be over-excited to win trades and at the same time, you should not panic about losing trades. 

If you do not control these emotions, they will adversely affect your trading decisions.

Decision Making

Efficient decision making is crucial for successful intraday trading.

You must know when to enter trades and when to exit, you must act quickly when the trade comes along.

Disciplined Trading

It is advisable to maintain a trading log which keeps the details of each and every trade you have done. 

This will help you to know how you have executed your trade and where you have gone wrong. 

Through this you can rectify your mistakes and do disciplined trading.


It is very important to be flexible while trading. You should not be stubborn while trading in the stock market. 

If the stock market is giving different signals which you did not interpret, then you have to go with the direction of the market and you should not cling to your ego saying that you cannot be wrong.

If you are being inflexible, you will definitely lose money.

So, if you are able to control your emotions while doing intraday trading, you will definitely be rewarded with the stock market.

Emotions have no role in trading. They wreak havoc in business life.

Now I will share some tips on how to become a patient day trader 

Don’t worry about news

If the news or opinions of other traders are worrying you, it is best to avoid consuming this information altogether. 

Do something to relieve stress

For some traders, this can be as simple as taking a few deep breaths or doing a short meditation session. 

Others may require a walk or massage to help relieve built-up tension and improve overall patience.

Close Your Least Profitable Hour

Over time, you will learn that the stocks you trade are less volatile. 

This is the perfect time to take a nap, read a book, or schedule a lunch date.

Keep the big picture in mind

Remember, day trading is not a plan to get rich quick. 

You will not become a millionaire overnight and if you take steps on a short term basis then you will definitely not be successful. 

Getting good at anything takes time and with the help of Day Trader Architects you will persevere.

Let it go

No one has control over the market; you or no one else. 

Accepting the way things are and letting go of negative thoughts will go a long way towards improving your patience.




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