What was the religion of Sai Baba, is Sai Baba muslim

sai baba was muslim, religion of sai baba


Yes, Sai Baba was a Muslim. This is a very good thing that Hindu is now trying to search about Sai Baba religion and they found that Sai Baba is muslim.

If you will check famous books about him you will get to know that he followed Islamic god Allah.

But as we all know India is full of Hypocrite people no muslim worship Sai but a very large section of Hindus worship him.

Hindus worship sai baba as a god and nowadays you will find a temple of sai baba everywhere.
And the idol of Sai Baba will be found in almost all the houses.
Hindu starts worshiping every saint and eminent person without knowing about him.
Hindu will also go to mosque, will also go to church and will start worshiping every influential person.
Because our Hindu society is very liberal and here everyone has the right to do bhakti according to his own way.
You must have heard that in many places famous actor’s temple has been built or someone worships Gandhiji or nowadays many Babas have been given the status of God and people have started worshiping them.

Taking advantage of all this, people of other religions very easily established some people in the form of God among Hindus like Sai Baba.
In Hinduism, this hypocrisy is being done for centuries to confuse people and to loose the faith in Hindu God.
People are made to believe that if worshiping Shiva or Ram is not helping, then worship such Baba or Sai Baba, you will get benefit and foolish Hindu is getting into all these shits and making new Gods.
Sometimes Sai Baba, sometimes Asha Ram, sometimes Ram Rahim and sometimes Nirmal Baba.
We do not know how many hypocrites have been given the status of God by giving them a place in our house and temple.
And later when the scandal of any Baba opens, then the slander is not of that Baba but of the Hindu religion.
It has been said in our religion that respect anyone who is a gentleman, a saint or a good person.
But we have given all of them the status of God because of our benefits and superstitions.

Sai Baba was a Hindu or a Muslim  

We worship Sai Baba without knowing anything. But do you know that he was a Muslim.
The word Sai is from Persian which means saint. At that time the word Sai was used for a Muslim saint in the Pakistani part of India.
In Shirdi, the priests of the temple where Sai went and stayed called him Sai because he looked like a Muslim mystic.
No Hindu saint wears a cloth like a shroud on his forehead, only Muslim mystics wear such a cloth.
In Hinduism, it is forbidden to wear white cloth on the head and Sai Baba always used to wear white cloth on his head which is a sign of Muslim mystic.
Why did Sai Baba choose the mosque to live in when there were other places in Shirdi or he could also live in a hut under a Neem tree or in a temple, whereas in India it is very easy to live in a temple.
Sai never said that “Sabka malik ek hai”.

We started worshiping him after watching TV serials, otherwise Sai Baba always used to say that “Sabka malik Allah hai” 

He could have also said that Lord Shiv is the master of all or Lord Ram is the master of all or Lord Krishna is master of all. 

You may read to Sai Sachcharitra 4,5,7 to check this.
Sai Baba used to tell people that there is no need to worship, recite mantra and do yoga. 

After getting utensils from the mosque, they used to ask to recite Fatiha, only after that they used to eat food.

Many people say that Sai Baba was born in a Brahmin family, so for his information understand why a Brahmin would like to live in a mosque and no Brahmin would tie any cloth like a shroud on his head.

Once the plague spread during the time of Sai Baba, he forbade the people of the village to go out of the village.

Due to which the plague could not spread in to the village from outside and people propagated that they had eradicated the plague and naive people started considering it as a miracle.

Perhaps you would not know that the real name of Sai Baba was Chand Mian. Most people considered Sai to be a Muslim of Yavana.
Many people believe that Sai Baba brought miraculous changes in their lives or because of them their life’s desire or wish was fulfilled.
So many times it happens in life that whatever we do with full focus and devotion, it gets done in our life.
And we consider it a miracle of some Baba.
Do not give the status of God to any person and if his deeds are good then you can consider him a gentleman or a saint, respect him.
But do not insult your religion by worshiping any person and giving him the status of God. 



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