12 Simple Tests to Determine if Your Gold is Authentic

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How to Tell if Gold is Real – We all love gold and the reason is justified. Apart from ornaments, gold is used in many religious functions. 

The main reason for buying gold is also that in times of trouble, you can use it to fulfill your needs.

But if you come to know that the gold you bought so expensive is fake! Just hearing this is enough to make you astonished.

Most of us do not know how to differentiate between real and fake gold.

So let us tell you today what is the difference between real and fake gold and how to test real gold at home.


How to Tell if Gold is Real at Home

1) If you stick fake or adulterated gold with a magnet, it will stick to the magnet. Whereas real gold will not stick to the magnet. 

2) Rub gold on a ceramic stone, if there are black marks then the gold is fake and if there are golden marks then the gold is real. 

3) Scrape the gold lightly, and then put a few drops of nitric acid on that area. There will be no change in real gold whereas fake gold will be light green in color. 

4) Keep the gold pressed between the teeth for some time, if there is real gold, then teeth marks will be made in gold. 

5) Real gold never get rusted. 

6) If gold starts smelling like a normal coin when it comes in contact with sweat, then it is fake. Real gold never smells. 

7) If a black or green stain is formed in the skin after wearing gold continuously, then it means that your gold is adulterated. 

8) Real gold will sink when put in water while fake gold will float on water. 

9) Gold never fades. If your gold color fades after wearing it for a few days or if there is a slight change in color then your gold is fake. 

10) Even with vinegar, you can very easily identify the real fake gold. Put a few drops of vinegar on the gold. 

It won’t matter if the gold is real but if the gold is fake, after some time it will get stained. 

11) The easiest way is to buy hallmarked gold only. Hallmark certification means genuine gold. 

Do not take gold from any goldsmith without hallmark.

12) Real and fake gold is also recognized by its sound. Dropping a real gold coin on any metal will make a loud sound while fake gold will vibrate like iron.



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