What is the History of Chamar Caste in India

chamar caste history


People feel very derogatory upon hearing the word Chamar. People compare this word with abuse. Do you know when the word Chamar was first used?

Today we will tell you the true meaning of the word Chamar and will also tell you how glorious is the description of Chamar in our history. 

After reading this article, you will lose faith in a misconception about Chamar in our society.

Chamar History

The word Chamar means one who works in leather i.e. cobbler, who you will find all over India making shoes and chappals on the roadside.

Earlier (Ancient Time) the word Chamar was not used in India. 

Because people in India did not use leather things much and when foreign invasions started in our country, the leather started being used.

Sikandar Lodhi first used the word Chamar so that he could defame the Chanwar dynasty and reduce their power and rule easily by dividing Hindus.

The Chanwars were Rajputs and belonged to the Chanwar Vanshi clan. 

Raja Chanvarsain was considered a great man of his dynasty and Chanvarvansh was established in his name.

Around the 16th century, Chanwar Vanshis lived in the area around Delhi and they gradually became very powerful. 

Due to this Sikandar Lodhi started getting scared of him and several times there was a clash.

Lodhi Made Chanwar a Chamar to Defame Him

Saint Ravidas belonged to the Chanwar Dynasty and had a good friendship with Rana Sanga, the king of Mewar. 

Saint Ravidas had lakhs of followers. Even today you will find many Ravidasia in Rajasthan, Haryana, Punjab, and Delhi.
Lodhi made a ploy to prevent Chanwar from becoming more powerful. 

Lodhi thought that it is easier to trap Hindus in smooth talk and they can be easily converted to the Muslim religion.
That’s why he sent a Muslim fakir to Saint Ravidas so that he could include him in his fold. 

But he became a Hindu after being influenced by the saint Ravidas and named himself Ramdas.
Sikandar Lodhi became very upset and started torturing and arresting Hindu saints and their followers.
He persecuted Ravidasio for adopting Islam. Hindus did not consider it auspicious to touch or skin dead animals.
All these works were done by Muslims only, so Sikandar Lodhi forcibly gave the task of skinning dead animals to all those saints and servants and the one who did not do this work would have been killed.
He spread this word as Chamar to defame the Chanwar Dynasty and thus the word Chamar originated.

There are about 300 million Muslims in India and about 350 million people from Scheduled Tribes. 

Now think for yourself, if all these people had not fought against the Muslim invaders and had adopted Islam, then there would have been 60 crore Muslims in India and India would have become an Islamic country by now.
Sharia law would have been implemented in India as well and the situation like the Taliban would have been in India. 

We have to maintain this unity and integrity of ours so that we do not become an Islamic country. Now you must have understood that Chamar is not a derogatory word.
The Chanwar dynasty paid this price for saving Hinduism and fighting the Muslim invaders. 

Unfortunately Chanwar Dynasty was completely removed from Indian history by Mugals and English invader. 

Next time you hear someone using the word Chamar, do tell him this history.



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