What Happens if You Do Not Eat For a Day or More


What happens when you starve to much

It sometimes happens that because of some work we forget to eat or say when we are angry we don’t eat to show how angry we are, we all have done this thing once in a lifetime. 

Is it okay if we don’t eat one day, well no it’s not okay.

You might say but people do keep fast for one day then why that’s okay, 

it’s because the fast they keep is not something that comes out of anger or tiredness in addition before fasting they eat enough food so they can be prepare to fast the next day.

If you see advice from anybody who tells you to do something to get rid of “toxins”, run away. Please don’t do this.

Your liver and kidneys are the only toxin removers you need. Your body is not being poisoned with “toxins” that you need special diets or cleanses to remove.

food is being used by our body as a source of energy, once you take the first bite, different body parts start to play their role in digesting the food as we all have learnt it starts with saliva in your mouth which helps in chewing and swallowing 

then pass through your throat and esophagus and next it will end up in your stomach where the food is been churned, mixed with acid and enzymes which breaks it down and the process of digesting the food continues.

Once your stomach becomes empty it releases a hormone called Ghrelin a hormone that tells your body that you are hungry.

When you are eating, Leptin will be produce to tell you when you are done. 

While you are fasting digestion is still taking place and nutrients are being distributed through your blood flow but while this process is happening grilling slowly starts to build up until the very last bite of food has been digested and your body finally starts telling you that you are starving. 


What happens when you starve to much

1) In the first 6–72 hours of not eating food, your blood no longer contains enough glycogen (which gives you energy), so your body starts breaking down the fat in your body for this energy – this is called Ketosis

2) Despite being able to use this fat for energy, only 75% of your brain’s energy can come from this – therefore, your cognitive function decreases

3) After 72 hours, your mood and energy will suffer and worsen, and your body starts to break down proteins. 

This is good because protein is then broken down into amino acids, which are then converted into glucose (which gives you energy), yet also leads to muscle depletion because you lose the proteins that made up your muscles.

4) When this happens in women, their periods often stop, because the body is trying to reduce the energy it uses.

5) Your bone density reduces a lot, because you are no longer getting the nutrients like calcium to your bones which keep them healthy and strong.

6) In 1–2 weeks, your immune system become very weak because you lack the vitamins and minerals that keep a strong immune system – this is where many will die.

7) If not, your body continues to use up energy sources in your body, until there is none left, often leading to organ failure, and heart attack.

8) When you stop eating, you generally die within 3 weeks to 70 days, get this depends on how much body fat you have (more body fat=more energy sources=longer life)

Basically, your body eats itself alive until there is no more ‘food’ inside you. 


Do you lose weight fast if you starve

If you think that more fasting will have help you lose your weight in a healthy way then a big no, 

always remember that our
muscles are what we use for physical activities so If you don’t eat your
muscles will find it hard to move your body than usual and if that
continues there a lot of other effects that you may not like.

Like for example your skin may
start to break out, you might start having hair fall and even your
breath can start to have a foul odor, 

this what happens when you
change the way your body functions rapidly, you might heard stories like
fasting helps losing weight no doubt in some cases a person can live
without eating for 3 to 4 days but take note hear that this wasn’t
accomplished overnight, fasting all of sudden or not eating for one day
may shock your body and maybe later on dangerous for you

And if you are not eating to
lose your weight then there are different safer methods, that are bit
less dramatic and harsh than fasting all of sudden, just don’t stop
eating for 24 hours, make sure that you are on a program that will still
sustain those nutrients you need

Like skin there are many body
types, just don’t follow people who you know have tried things, know
your body and then do something that is safe for you as well as your



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