What Causes Nose Bleeds and How to Prevent Nose Bleeds

Nosebleeds are a common problem in most cases. It’s very common problem in children.

There are clusters of veins inside our nose which are very soft, so gently pressing or scratching them causes them to bleed.

Nosebleeds are also cured in a short time. If this bleeding continues for 10 minutes or more, you should contact your doctor immediately.


how to stop nose bleeds


What Causes Nose Bleeds

Dry weather is a major cause of nose bleeds. 

When humidity drops, hot air can easily damage the blood vessels in your nose, making nosebleeds more likely.

This is a common problem in the summer. There are other causes such as nosebleeds. 

1) Nose injury

2) Extremely hot or cold dry air

3) By putting a finger in the nose

4) Allergies

5) If there is an infection in the nose

6) Living in high altitude areas

7) Uses of blood thinners

8) Exposure to chemicals

9) Continuous sneezing

These reasons are very common ones, nosebleeds due to these reasons are not a serious problem and the bleeding will stop on its own after a while.

But there are other serious reasons for nosebleeds, so in such situations you should immediately consult a doctor. 

1) High blood pressure

2) Tumor

3) Cancer

4) Infection of the respiratory tract or lungs

5) Blood clotting disorder

6) Hemophilia

7) Bleeding from the nose due to head injury

8) Bleeding from the nose of a child below two years of age

Types of Nose Bleeding

There are two main types of nosebleeds, one is normal and the other is serious. Let’s understand both. 

Anterior Nosebleed

It starts from the lower part of our nose which divides the nose into two parts.

This is called the septum, and the veins around it are very soft.

A light injury or impact will cause it to break and leak blood.

It is not a serious condition and can be easily cured at home. This often happens in children. 

Posterior Nosebleed

Bleeding from here can be a serious problem. This blood comes from a large vein at the back of your nose, near your throat.

As a result, the blood flows very quickly and in large quantities, often starting to reach the throat and lungs.

In such situations, it is necessary to immediately contact a doctor.

It can be caused by serious injury or illness and is more common in adults.

How to Stop Nose Bleeds

If the nose bleeds, ask the person to sit up straight and lean forward slightly.

Instruct the patient to calm down. Excessive panic can increase bleeding. Never try to lie down.

Gently wipe the blood from your nose with cotton or a clean cloth.

Breathe through your mouth and gently press your nose for 5 minutes. 

Then let go and let it sit for 5 minutes. This will stop the bleeding. If ice is nearby, lightly rub it on the tip of your nose.

If bleeding does not stop after 10 minutes, see a doctor immediately.

How to Prevent Nose Bleeds

1) Do not come in direct contact with hot air

2) Keep the body hydrated and keep drinking water

3) If the weather is dry, use an indoor humidifier, especially for people who are prone to nosebleeds.

4) Use less ginger and garlic

5) Do not repeatedly finger in the nose

6) Use less sniffing equipment

7) Don’t smoke cigarettes at all

8) Vaseline can be used inside the nose in dry weather

9) Do not let the nose get hurt

10) Do not put unnecessary pressure on the nose

Can Nosebleeds Mean Something Serious

A bleeding nose is a very common problem in most cases (80%) and there is no need to panic.

It heals on its own within 10 minutes.

But if the blood comes out for more than 10 minutes and if it comes out in excess, then it can be a serious condition and you should contact the doctor immediately.

Bleeding from the nose even in the event of a head injury is considered serious and in this case, a doctor’s advice must be taken.




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