The Role of VDRL Test in Pregnancy

The VDRL test is done to detect a sexually transmitted disease (STD) called Syphilis.

Which spreads due to bacteria called Treponema Pallidum.

The full form of the VDRL test is Venereal Disease Research Laboratory.

In the VDRL test, we check for antibodies made by our body against Treponema pallidum bacteria.

If this antibody is present in our body, then our body has been infected with a sexually transmitted disease called Syphilis.

What is the Meaning of VDRL Positive

If your VDRL report is negative, it means that you do not have syphilis.

But if your report comes positive, it means that you have been infected with syphilis and its antibodies have been formed in your body.

what is vdrl test
what is vdrl blood test

To confirm this report, the doctor ask for another test which we call the Treponemal test.

This test confirms whether the antibodies made in your body are due to syphilis or not.

When this test comes positive, the doctor starts your treatment. Syphilis is easily cured with medicines.

VDRL Positive Symptoms

Syphilis is caused by unprotected sex. This mostly happens to those who make relationships with many people. 

It can also be passed from the mother to her unborn baby.

That’s why doctors definitely get a VDRL test done during pregnancy so that if it comes positive then it can be treated.

It’s symptoms appear gradually and several days after making a relationship.

The symptoms of syphilis are mainly seen in four stages, but we will talk about the main visible symptoms here.

1) Red-colored rashes in the sexual organs which are initially painless

2) Itching, sores, and later pain starts

3) Headache, sore throat, constipation and loss of appetite

4) Fever, rash, and sores all over the body (this happens in the third stage)

If you do not get syphilis treated on time, it can be fatal.

Due to this, paralysis, loss of eyesight, cancer, epilepsy, impotence and spinal cord infection, etc. can occur.

Its treatment is very easy and economical.

Normal Range in VDRL Test during Pregnancy

The VDRL test results are typically reported as titers, indicating the dilution of the blood serum at which antibodies are still detectable. 

The interpretation of these titers plays a pivotal role in determining the presence and stage of syphilis infection. 

A normal range in VDRL test results during pregnancy commonly falls within specific parameters:

Non-Reactive or Negative Results – A non-reactive or negative result implies that no antibodies to syphilis were detected in the blood sample. 

This is the desired outcome, indicating the absence of active infection. In such cases, the normal range is reported as a titer of 1:1 or less.

Reactive or Positive Results – A reactive or positive result suggests the presence of antibodies against syphilis. 

However, it’s important to note that a positive result doesn’t necessarily confirm an active infection. 

Further confirmatory tests, such as the Treponemal tests (e.g., TP-PA, FTA-ABS), are often conducted to verify the diagnosis.

VDRL Test Price 

VDRL test is economical. You can get this test done from any lab near you for just Rs.200.

This test is done through blood and you can get this test done at any time. There is no need of fasting for this test.

VDRL Positive Treatment

If Syphilis treatment is started at an early stage, it can be cured very soon.

If the treatment of syphilis is started later, then it’s treatment takes time and it becomes difficult to control the damage caused by it.

That’s why you should contact your doctor as soon as you find out or as soon as the symptoms of syphilis start appearing.

Antibiotics are given in the treatment of syphilis, which cures it completely.

In the treatment of syphilis, pills do not show much effect, so antibiotics are given through injection or IV.

Penicillin is given by injection or IV.

In the initial stage 1 injection is given whereas, in the later stage, 3 injections are given which is one injection every week.

If the patient’s nervous system has been affected by syphilis, penicillin is given through an IV.

The dosage is decided by the doctor according to the symptoms and at his experience.


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