How Many Years of Water is Left on Earth


When will we run out of water

Water never goes away and never rises. 

There is the same amount of water today as there was.

Since 3/4 of the earth’s surface is covered by water (oceans), we won’t run out of water, but this water is salt water.

There is a serious problem of lack of fresh water (no salt). 

But gradually, natural water sources like lakes, reservoirs, and rivers are getting clogged with debris and plastic and because of this, we will run out of clean drinking water.

As we all know, about 70% of the earth’s area is covered by water and about 95% of the water is in the sea.

Only about 3% of the water is freshwater and only 0.3% of the surface water is found in lakes and rivers.

About 30% of 3% is found as groundwater in glaciers and ice caps. 

We mainly rely on 0.3% surface water and recently groundwater is being exploited to irreparable levels.

This groundwater has been stored underground for centuries and we have exhausted all the groundwater within reach.

Due to the continuous extraction of surface water and groundwater for industrial purposes, irrigation, and unplanned uses, we are witnessing a shortage of drinking water.

In addition, most importantly, surface water is used as a waste dump.

As we can see, most of the water bodies have become landfills, and all the waste from the city, and industrial waste are dumped in these places and gradually become undrinkable. 

Excessive use of chemical fertilizers is another cause of water pollution.

Threat from plastic, plastic water bottles add to the problem.

Due to deforestation, rainwater flows into the oceans, thereby reducing the amount of useful infiltration and surface water available. 

Although the amount of water has not decreased, our activities have made it less. 

We made it dirty, undrinkable and unfit for human use.

Drinking bottled water is no longer a sign of growth.

If we plan and distribute available resources wisely and stop polluting them, we will not run out of water. 

Desalination is not a solution. 

Our ancestors were conservative people, they worshiped natural resources like God and used all resources according to their minimum requirements.

They never exploit, they are not greedy, they save it for the next generation.

While the current generation uses every resource as if there is no tomorrow.

If you want to get rich by all means beg, borrow, steal. 

If we continue with this attitude, the world will lack all the resources, Flora, Animals, water and trees.

Give Mother Earth a new breath of life. Help her survive so you can survive.

You may have been drinking water molecules just like the dinosaurs, which are constantly recycling.

Unless the atmosphere disappears, it will continue to do so for millions of years. 

The shortage of available drinking water is another problem driven by the needs of the world population.

So no, we will never run out of water or not until the Sun gets so big that it burns up our atmosphere and our water consumes the planet in the heliosphere.



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