Egg is veg or non veg scientifically | Egg is non veg or veg

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Egg is veg or non veg scientifically. In the minds of all vegetarians, there are always many questions about eggs, whether the egg is living or non living,

Should we eat eggs? Is it a sin to eat eggs or how is an egg vegetarian?

So let’s know with the help of science today whether the egg is vegetarian or non-vegetarian.

Egg is very nutritious. In addition to protein, a lot of vitamins and minerals are also found in it. Eggs are also called super food. 

Is egg veg or non veg

Eggs are the best and cheapest source of protein. But many vegetarians do not eat eggs and consider it as a non-veg.
Vegetarians believe that the egg comes from a hen and have life in it, then it is non-veg.


There are two types of eggs, fertilized and unfertilized eggs


While people think that eggs are home for chicks, there is a huge difference between hens that lay eggs for consumption and eggs which produce chicks. 


Fertilized eggs: For the eggs to be fertilized, the hen and rooster must mate before the formation of the egg. If this happens, then the eggs laid by the hen are fertilized.

On examination of such eggs, it is found that gamete
cells are found in their yellow part. Which is evidence of eggs being


Unfertilized eggs: If the hen has not mated and she lays eggs, then the eggs are unfertilized. 

Perhaps you will not know that after 6 months of age, the hen lays eggs on its own in an interval of 24 hours and for this it is not necessary for it to come in contact with any rooster.
If you examine such eggs, you will find that the yellow part of those eggs does not contain gamete cells.
This simply means that there is no life in these eggs and chicks will not come out of them.
Meaning these eggs are vegetarian and you can eat them. Eggs that are available in stores are prepared from egg farming
Meaning these eggs are unfertilized and these eggs are laid by the hen itself every 24 hours.
And the farmers know which egg has life and they separate them so that the chicks emerge from them and they can raise them and earn more profit.

Note -: I neither consume eggs nor do I want to encourage people to eat eggs. Eating eggs or not can be your personal choice.




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