Albendazole Tablets Uses: A Promising Solution for Intestinal Worms

Albendazole is an anti-parasitic, anthelmintic and antiprotozoal drug. 

It is mainly used to kill worms or parasites that grow in the abdomen or any other part of the body.

albendazole tablet uses

Albendazole Tablet Uses

1) To kill intestinal worms

2) To kill parasitic worms like hookworm, pin worm, roundworm, tapeworm, Ascaris, Enterobius, etc.

3) Hydatid Disease – (A serious infection caused by dog tapeworm that affects the liver and lungs)

4) Neurocysticercosis – (A serious infection caused by pork tapeworm that severely affects the brain, muscles, and other organs)

5) Giardiasis – (Parasitic infection that causes diarrhea)

6) Filariasis

7) Systemic Infection – (Due to this our whole body or blood gets infected by parasite)

Mode of Action of Albendazole Tablet

Albendazole mainly acts in four ways and completely stops the growth of the parasite

1) Production of ATP is very important to give energy to cell.
Due to the non-formulation of ATP, the cell does not get energy and it starts dying.
Albendazole inhibits the production of ATP inside the parasite’s cell, due to which the parasite’s cell does not get energy and it starts to die.
2) The parasite constantly needs glucose for energy, only then it can grow and survive.
Albendazole inhibits glucose absorption by impairing the parasite’s metabolism.
Because of this the parasite does not get the energy to survive and it dies.
3) Microtubule Synthesis is very important for maintaining the shape of any cell.
Without it, a cell cannot maintain its shape and can not divide cells.
Albendazole blocks the formation of microtubules inside the parasite.
Because of this the size formation and division of the parasite’s cell is not possible and the parasite is destroyed.
4) Albendazole inhibits microtubule transport inside the parasite cell.

Because of this other essential substances are not able to be transported inside the cell of the parasite and the cell dies.
When the cell is destroyed, the parasite is also destroyed.

Albendazole Tablet Dosage for Adults and Children

The dosage of Albendazole depends on the treatment for which disease the patient has to give Albendazole like

To kill the worms in the stomach –
A single dose of 400 mg of Albendazole is given to kill the worms of the stomach and if needed, another single dose of 400 mg is given again after a week.

Neurocysticercosis –
In neurocysticercosis, a dose of 400 mg is given in the morning and evening for 7 days to 30 days.

Hydatid –
In hydatid disease, a dose of 400 mg is given continuously in the morning and evening for 28 days.

Systemic parasite infection –
In any other systemic parasite infection, a dose of 400 mg is given in the morning and evening for 28 days.

In children –
A single dose of Albendazole 400 mg is given to kill stomach worms in children or 15/mg/kg/day can be given.
A maximum of 800 mg can be given to children in a day. Albendazole should not be given to children under one year of age.

If the child’s weight is less than 12 kg, then give the dose according to 15 mg / Kg Body Weight.


Albendazole Side Effects

1) Abdominal pain

2) Vomiting or feeling like vomiting

3) Itching

4) Hair fall

5) Urticaria

6) Allergic reaction

7) Increased liver enzymes

8) Fever

9) Headache

10) Dizziness

Who Should not Take Albendazole Tablet

1) Liver patients because maximum metabolism of Albendazole occurs in the liver only. It can increase liver enzymes.

2) Pregnant women as it comes in category C in pregnancy.

3) Breastfeeding women should also not take Albendazole.

4) If the patient has any blood-related disease, then he should not be given Albendazole because Albendazole can inhibit the process of bone marrow formation.

5) Albendazole should not be given to patients who have any problem in the retina.

6) Kidney patients need to adjust the dosage of Albendazole.

Kidney patients should not take Albendazole without a doctor’s advice.

Can Albendazole be Taken With Other Medicine

Some medicines may increase or decrease the effect of albendazole such as

Cimetidine –
It is given to reduce stomach acid. It increases the effect of Albendazole.

Because of this, side effects caused by albendazole can occur.

Corticosteroids –
Corticosteroids increase the absorption of albendazole in the blood, due to which its side effects can occur.

Praziquantel –
This is also an anti-parasitic drug and it enhances the effect of albendazole.

Because of this, the side effects caused by Albendazole can increase.

Anti-epileptic drugs – anti-epileptic drugs reduce the effect of albendazole and albendazole does not work properly. 

Be sure to consult a doctor before taking any anti epileptic drug.

Anticoagulants – Medicines that thin the blood or prevent blood clotting may cause internal bleeding when prescribed with albendazole.

Do not take these two medicines without a doctor’s advice.


How Quickly Does Albendazole Work

Albendazole can show its full effect in 2 to 3 days.

The effect of albendazole also depends on the potency of the dose and the disease. 



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