Who Created the First Vaccine for Rabies and How Did They Do This


Which scientist has saved the most lives

Do you know “Louis Pasteur” who invented the cure for rabies, which affected the person when a dog bites.

There was a story behind the invention of the cure for rabies which is very interesting.

200 years ago, two friends lived in a small village in France. One of them was bitten by a mad dog and died after suffering severe pain (Rabies).

The child whose friend died 40 years later became a scientist known as “Louis Pasteur”, did many experiments, did many researches but did not forget his dead friend’s scream due to rabies.

He decided to understand and cure rabies disease through experiment. He conducted an experiment in which rabid dogs were collected and kept in cages. 

Then he saw what is wrong among them, and came through that the scum of dogs coming through the mouth is skeptical.

He then collected the scum and injected it and was given to healthy dogs. After some time he got infected with rabies and died.

Through much observation and experimentation, he concluded that when the rabies virus enters the brain, immediate death occurs. 

Pasteur produced the first vaccine for rabies by growing the virus in rabbits, and then weakening it by drying the affected nerve tissue

Then he used this vaccine and gave it to the infected dogs, after some time the became healthy.

The experiment was successful, now it was time to test the antibodies (vaccine) for humans.

But the irony was where did they get the infected person.

The great scientist Louis Pasteur decided to infect himself with rabies and then take antibodies for the good of mankind.

The day was fixed, but the irony is that a mad dog bites a child and they bring the child to Louis Pasteur. He was given antibodies and recovered a few days later.

The first injection of rabies was given on 6 July 1885 and it became history.

There are so many sacrifices, devotion and interesting stories in history of great great men who gave everything for mankind.


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