When Do Pregnancy Cravings Start

Pregnancy is a unique and transformative experience in a woman’s life. 

From physical changes to emotional journeys, this is a time of profound change. 

One aspect of pregnancy that fascinates many is the phenomenon of pregnancy cravings. 

These sudden, intense cravings for certain foods can be exciting and interesting, but when do pregnancy cravings start and what causes them? 

In this article, we’ll explore the science and psychology behind pregnancy cravings and discuss when they usually start.

Understanding Pregnancy Cravings

For many pregnant women, pregnancy cravings are an integral part of the pregnancy experience. 

How early can you get pregnancy cravings?

This is a strong and often strange craving for certain foods or flavor combinations that may not have been appealing before pregnancy. 

It’s not uncommon to hear stories of women craving pickles and ice cream, peanut butter and pickles, or even spicy foods, even though they generally avoid them. 

These cravings can involve everything from sweet and salty snacks to fruits and vegetables, and can vary greatly from woman to woman.

When Do Pregnancy Cravings Start

Pregnancy cravings can vary greatly from person to person and there is no exact time when they start. 

However, it usually begins during the first trimester, around the fifth or sixth week of pregnancy. 

This coincides with the time when many women first realize they are pregnant. 

Although the exact cause of food cravings is not entirely clear, several factors contribute to their occurrence.

Hormonal Changes – Hormonal fluctuations play an important role in the development of the carvings in pregnancy. 

Elevated hormones, especially human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) and estrogen, can affect a woman’s sense of taste and smell. 

These intolerance trigger cravings for certain flavors, making certain foods more or less appealing.

Nutritional Needs – In many cases, pregnancy cravings are your body’s way of expressing its specific nutritional needs. 

For example, craving dairy products may indicate a need for more calcium, while craving protein foods may be the body’s way of asking for more protein to support the growing fetus.

Emotional and Psychological Factors – Stress, anxiety and other emotional factors can also trigger pregnancy cravings. 

Some women prefer comfort foods or special flavors to help them overcome the emotional and physical challenges of pregnancy.

Cultural and Social Influences – Cultural and social factors can also influence the types of cravings you have during pregnancy. 

A woman’s environment, upbringing and eating habits can affect her appetite.

Aversion to Certain Foods – In addition to cravings, many pregnant women should not eat certain foods. 

This aversion can further increase cravings for other foods that they feel they can tolerate.

Managing Pregnancy Cravings

While pregnancy cravings are a natural part of the experience, it’s important to manage them in a healthy and balanced way. Here are some tips for managing pregnancy cravings:

Moderation – Enjoy the foods you crave in moderation. Try to balance your diet with a variety of nutritious foods.

Nutrient-Rich Choices – When possible, opt for healthier versions of the foods you crave. For example, if you’re craving something sweet, choose fruits over sugary snacks.

Stay Hydrated – Sometimes, thirst can be mistaken for hunger or cravings. Drinking plenty of water can help.

Seek Support – Talk to your healthcare provider about your cravings, especially if they are interfering with your ability to maintain a balanced diet.

Listen to Your Body – Pay attention to your body’s signals. If you’re craving a specific nutrient, it’s important to meet those needs through healthy choices.


Pregnancy cravings is an interesting and often exciting aspect of the journey as a mother. 

There is no exact time of onset, but most women experience it early in pregnancy. 

These cravings are influenced by a combination of hormonal, nutritional, emotional and cultural factors. 

Controlling pregnancy cravings is important to ensure a healthy pregnancy, and understanding their causes can help moms-to-be make healthy choices while satisfying their cravings. 

Ultimately, pregnancy is a time to celebrate the wonder of life and embrace the unique experiences that come with it.


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