What Does Pus Cells in Urine Indicate

causes of pus cells in urine


Pus Cells in Urine – Pus cells in urine is a disease that we call Pyuria. In this disease, white blood cells (WBC) start coming into our urine.

It also contains bacteria and dead cells. In this case, the urine is dark, smelly, and white, yellow, or pink in color.

When there are pus cells in the urine but no bacteria, it is called sterile Pyuria.

When there are more than 10 pus cells in one cubic millimeter of urine, it is called Pyuria. Pyuria mostly occurs in women.

Causes of Pus Cells in Urine

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) is the main cause of pus in the urine. Apart from this, there are some other reasons also for passing pus cells in urine.

1) Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD)
2) pneumonia

3) Kidney stone

4) Prostatitis

5) Balanitis

6) Sepsis

7) Kidney Disease

8) Reaction to a medicine

9) TB

10) Tumor in the urinary tract

11) Auto-Immune Disease
12) Kawasaki disease

Symptoms of Pus Cells in Urine

1) Burning sensation in urine

2) Frequent urination but no urination

3) Foam and foul smell in urine

4) Blood in urine

5) Pain in the lower abdomen

6) Chills and fever

7) Discharge of white material from the urinary tract (both women and men)

8) Vomiting or feeling like vomiting

9) Pain that starts from the stomach and goes to the thighs

10) Frequent urination

Diagnosis of Pus Cells in Urine

1) Urine Test (Urine R/M)

2) Urine Culture Test (Urine C/S)

3) Ultrasound

4) Kidney Function Test (KFT)

5) CBC

Treatment of Pus Cells in Urine

The main reason for pus in urine is urinary tract infection which is cured with antibiotics.
Apart from this, if there are other reasons, the doctor gets the tests written above done and then the diseases that come in the test are treated according to their symptoms.

Risk Factor of Pus Cells in Urine

If urine is not treated, then many serious problems can arise like

1) Septicemia

2) Stop working of other parts of the body

3) Kidney failure

Pyuria is common in pregnancy. Do show it to the doctor and get it treated.

Prevention of Pus Cells in Urine

1) Do not hold urine for a long time

2) Go to sleep only after urinating at night

3) Drink plenty of water

4) Keep changing sanitary pads from time to time

5) Pay special attention to your own cleanliness

Must urinate after sex and clean the genitals

Pus Cells in Urine Normal Range

The normal number of pus cells in urine is less than 5 per cubic millimeter.
If this number exceeds 10 then it is called Pyuria. In most cases, it is due to a urinary tract infection.




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