What Does it Mean if I Poop Every Time After I Eat

A few individuals have the propensity of reaching to the latrine quickly after eating. 

Is attending to the latrine quickly after eating a malady or a indication of any infection, let’s get it 


Is it Normal to Poop Right After Every Meal

At whatever point we eat something, a few hormones are released in our stomach.

These hormones send a message to our guts to start moving so that the food can move through for its absorption.


is it normal to poop after every meal


This is often called the typical gastrocolic reflex.

In a few individuals, this reflex is more quick, due to which our intestinal movement gets to be quicker and we have to poo promptly after eating or there’s a want to poo.

People feel that what they have fair eaten is gone but it does not happen.

Absorption of nourishment could be a long preparation and it takes a day to two days for the nourishment to be totally processed and at that point it remains in our intestines.

When we poo, the same food lying within the digestion tracts comes out, and not the food is eaten instantly.

Yes, once you have any infection or any stomach illness, undigested food unquestionably comes out, but there’s a reason and treatment for that as well.


Alarming Sign

By the way, defecation after eating food could be an ordinary handle and it isn’t an illness. 

But on the off chance that the defecation is gone with by a few side effects, then definitely contact the specialist like

1) Defecation like water

2) Foul noticing poop

3) Floating stools within the flush

4) Stomach pain

5) Feeling bloated

6) Blood in stool

7) Nauseous or Vomiting

In the event that you see such indications after eating, at that point, you ought to contact your specialist. 


Which Disease Causes Stool to Pass Immediately After Eating

By the way, individuals who don’t chew their food, eat more spicy and fried food, eat more things made of refined flour and fat, can have this issue very easily.

But apart from all these, a few diseases of the stomach are too the reason for this like

1) IBD

2) Crohn’s disease

3) Celiac disease

4) Food intolerance

5) Food allergy

6) Diarrhea

7) Gall Bladder Surgery

8) Viral Disease 

Poor absorption of sugar can also be a reason behind bowel movements after eating.

Sugar malabsorption is an failure to process sugars like fructose and sorbitol.  

Many foods like berries, beans, onions, and garlic can be ineffectively absorbed or digested making you poop. 

Sugar can too be problematic for those with IBS. 


How to Overcome This Habit

You’ll improve the habit of going to the latrine instantly after eating by making a slight alteration in your diet and lifestyle.

1) Chew the food well and eat it

2) Eat less fat things

3) Include fiber foods in your diet

4) Don’t eat in one go, eat small by small 3 or 4 times

5) Stress is also an big reason for this

6) Make a habit of walking at least 4 to 5 kilometers every day 



Reaching the toilet after eating may be an ordinary thing, there is no need to worry about it.

On the off chance that you see a few distinctive indications, at that point definitely consult your doctor.

You’ll be able effectively settle it by changing your diet and lifestyle. 



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