What Does a Diagnosis of Grade 1 Fatty Liver Mean for Your Body

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Grade 1 fatty liver is also called Hepatic Steatosis. In grade 1 fatty liver, fat starts accumulating in our liver.

This is the initial stage and in this, fat starts accumulating in the liver cells.

Grade 1 fatty liver causes no symptoms in most cases. You can treat it by changing your lifestyle and eating habits.


Grade 1 Fatty Liver Symptoms

Grade 1 fatty liver does not show any symptoms in most of the cases but some patients may have the following complaints

1) Fatigue and weakness

2) Pain in the upper part of the abdomen or persistent mild pain

3) Elevation of liver enzymes like SGPT, SGOT, and GGT

4) Increase in cholesterol level in the body

5) Frequent urination

6) Feeling very thirsty

7) Being constipated


Grade 1 Fatty Liver Treatment

Grade 1 fatty liver is a very common condition and you can easily cure it at home by taking a few precautions.

You do not need any doctor’s advice for this. You can completely cure grade 1 fatty liver in 3 months

1) Do not let the weight gain

2) Do not eat more fried and fat-rich foods

3) Do yoga daily or walk at least 5 km daily

4) Avoid alcohol completely

5) Do not eat junk food and fast food at all

6) Stop eating non-veg

7) Drink plenty of water

If fatty liver is due to hepatitis, then take the medicine as per the advice of the doctor.


Grade 1 Fatty Liver Causes

There are many reasons for having grade 1 fatty liver such as

1) Type 2 diabetes

2) High cholesterol

3) Not doing physical activity

4) Consumption of alcohol

5) Side effects of some medicines

6) Obesity

7) Uncontrolled Food Habits

8) Hepatitis

9) Genetic Causes


Is Grade 1 Fatty Liver Dangerous

No, grade 1 fatty liver is not dangerous but if you do not control it then it can cause a lot of problems later.

This can lead to serious liver diseases such as liver fibrosis or liver cancer.

You can cure grade 1 fatty liver by making changes in your lifestyle. There is no need for any medicine for this.


How is Grade 1 Fatty Liver diagnosed

The following tests are done to detect grade 1 fatty liver

1) Ultrasound

2) Fibroscan

3) Liver Function Test


Grade 1 Fatty Liver Patient Diet

You can cure grade 1 fatty liver by controlling your diet like

1) Eat fruits and green leafy vegetables

2) Cut down on the amount of sugar

3) Don’t eat meat

4) Include whole grains in your diet

5) Do not consume alcohol

6) Stay away from fast and junk food like chips, papad, burger, pizza, noodles, etc.

7) Drink plenty of water





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