What Diseases Cause a High RDW Blood Test

RDW Blood Test – RDW stands for Red Cell Distribution Width and RDW describes the size and volume of red blood cells.

The average size of red blood cells is 6 to 8 micrometers. The job of red blood cells is to supply oxygen to every cell of the body.

Normally red blood cells are of about the same size.

High RDW indicates some diseases, especially anemia. High RDW means that there is a big difference in the size of the red blood cells.

A low RDW does not indicate any disease and is considered normal.

Symptoms of High RDW Blood Test

1) Fatigue and weakness

2) Shortness of breath

3) Cold hands and feet

4) Lack of blood

5) Pallor skin or dull skin

6) Falling sick again and again


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Causes of High RDW Blood Test

1) Anemia

2) Crohn’s Disease

3) Thalassemia

4) Sickle cell anemia

5) Diabetes

6) HIV

7) Piles

8) Kidney disease

9) Colon cancer

10) Liver disease

11) Heart disease

RDW Blood Test Normal Range

The normal range of RDW is 12% to 15%. If you exceed this, you may have anemia.

Treatment for High RDW Blood Test

When RDW is increased, the doctor tells you to eat nutritious food. 

Doctor Also gives you supplements of Vitamin-B, Vitamin C, Iron, and Folic acid.

A new study has shown that increased RDW is also a good predictor of an upcoming heart attack.
RDW-CV and RDW-SD are only parts of RDW. In most of the reports, you will see RDW-CV and RDW-SD instead of RDW.



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