What disease causes the most deaths in history of mankind


the most killer disease in the world

Every day some new epidemic spreads on the earth and due to this, millions of people become dead. Today we will talk about such a disease due to which the highest number of deaths occur and occur in the whole world.

This disease is from chimpanzee era

The population of the Earth is about 8 billion. According to an estimate, more than 110 billion people have lived on Earth so far and out of these, the cause of death of 50 billion people is only one disease.
Worldwide, about three million deaths per year, that is, one death every 30 seconds, are caused by this disease. This disease is so old that even chimpanzees have been affected by it.

What is this disease

By now you must be thinking that which disease is this. If you are thinking HIV then you are wrong. Only 30 million people have died of HIV so far.

Even if you have Cholera in your mind, you are wrong. So far only 4.5 crore deaths have occurred due to cholera.

In the year 1918, there were 50 million deaths due to Bird Flu in a single year and till now 100 million deaths have occurred.

The Plague halved Europe’s population in just four years (from 1346 to 1350) and has caused 250 million deaths worldwide.

Small pox means that more than 50 crore people were killed due to smallpox, but now this disease is eradicated.

So far, more than 1 billion deaths have occurred worldwide due to TB ie Tuberculosis. Most of the deaths occur in India due to TB.

So far, whatever name I have told you, the maximum number of deaths have been caused by a disease. This disease is spread by a mosquito.
Yes, you understood it right, “Malaria” so far in the world more than 50 billion deaths have occurred due to malaria.
This disease has been affecting the whole world for 50,000 years. Malaria is older than ever since the history of our world is being written.
Malaria has been described in China in 2700 BC. The word malaria is derived from the Italian language which means “bad wind”, while the British used to call it “swamp fever”.
Malaria is caused by a protozoan parasite Plasmodium, it has many variants but the most dangerous is P. falciparum.
Malaria is spread only by female parasites. Malaria is more prevalent in countries on either side of the equator, mostly warm countries.
Despite being a malaria drug, the death toll from it is in lakhs and now dengue has also started accompanying malaria.
There have not been so many deaths due to corona virus as much as malaria alone has caused havoc. Once upon a time, entire villages were wiped out due to malaria.
To avoid malaria, do not allow water to stagnate around you and be sure to use mosquito repellent or mosquito nets. In case of fever, get the platelets checked.




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