What are the First Signs and Symptoms of Hepatitis C

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Hepatitis C is an infectious disease triggered by a virus that spreads primarily through exposure to infected blood. 

Globally, an estimated 70 million individuals grapple with Hepatitis C.

The Hepatitis C virus specifically targets the liver, although during the initial stages of infection, individuals might not exhibit any noticeable symptoms for several years.

One of the severe consequences of Hepatitis C is its potential to lead to liver cancer. 

Fortunately, contemporary medical advancements have led to the availability of effective treatments for Hepatitis C. 

A three-month course of oral therapy has shown promising results in reducing the HCV RNA levels in patients, resulting in a complete cure.

Regrettably, this treatment might not be as effective in cases where Hepatitis C has progressed to liver cirrhosis, where the liver develops irreversible scarring.

The primary mode of transmission for Hepatitis C is through contact with infected blood. 

This can occur through sharing needles, razors, toothbrushes, or tattoo instruments contaminated with the virus. 

Additionally, engaging in sexual activities with an infected individual or receiving blood transfusions containing the virus can also facilitate its transmission.

In recent times, another concerning trend has emerged wherein Hepatitis C infections are affecting individuals undergoing dialysis. 

This is often due to inadequate cleaning and sterilization practices of dialysis machines, leading to the inadvertent spread of the virus among patients.

Efforts to prevent Hepatitis C transmission necessitate stringent adherence to proper sterilization protocols for medical equipment, the promotion of safe sex practices, and the implementation of strict guidelines for blood transfusions.

It is imperative for healthcare systems worldwide to prioritize stringent measures to prevent the spread of Hepatitis C, raise awareness about its modes of transmission, and ensure access to effective treatments for those affected.

Early Signs and Symptoms of Hepatitis C

1) Fatigue

2) Loss of Appetite

3) Body Itchiness

4) Dark Colored Urine

5) Weight Loss

6) Spider Like Blood Vessels on Skin

7) Muscle and Joint Pain

8) Stomach Ache

9) Fever

Chronic Hepatitis C Symptoms

Symptoms of chronic hepatitis-C appear after 10 or more years of hepatitis infection

1) Stomach Full of Water (Ascites)

2) Pale Skin and Eyes

3) Jaundice

4) Dark Colored Urine

5) Lowered Platelet Count (Thrombocytopenia)

6) Upper Abdominal Pain

7) Leg Swelling

8) Confusion, Slurred Speech and Drowsiness

9) Vomiting or Nausea

When ever you feel any symptoms of Hepatitis C consult your doctor and get some tests done like Ultrasound, HCV RNA, LFT and CBC.


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