TLC in Blood Test: Why It Matters for Your Health

Meaning TLC in Blood Test – TLC, which stands for Total White Blood Cell Count, is a medical parameter used to assess the number of white blood cells in our bloodstream. 

Typically, an elevated TLC level in our blood often serves as an indicator of an underlying infection.

What is TLC in Blood Test

Leukocytes, commonly referred to as white blood cells, constitute a vital component of our immune system, playing a crucial role in defending the body against infections and diseases.

These remarkable defenders of our health possess five distinct components.

1) Neutrophils

2) Eosinophils

3) Basophils

4) Lymphocytes

5) Monocytes

Collectively, these five components come together to form our leukocytes, more commonly recognized as white blood cells.

During the TLC (Total Leukocyte Count) test, the combined value of these five elements is measured. 

Any significant increase or decrease in the TLC can serve as an indicator of specific diseases or medical conditions.

Why is TLC in Blood Test Done

TLC test is a part of Complete Blood Count (CBC) and it is done to detect the following diseases

1) Infection

2) Auto-Immune Disease

3) Any problem with blood

4) Weak immune system

5) Side effects of cancer treatment

6) Any problem in bone marrow

7) Inflammation in the body

What is the Normal Range for TLC in Blood Test

The normal value of TLC in our blood is 4,000 micro-liters to 11,000 micro-liters.
Being above or below this is a sign of disease.


treatment for high tlc in blood


Why TLC in Blood Test is Increased

TLC can increase due to many reasons like

1) Infection

2) Fever

3) In case of injury

4) Pregnancy

5) Asthma

6) Being allergic to something

7) Due to being under more stress

8) Due to blood loss

9) Due to a heart attack

10) Blood cancer

11) If there is a tumor or cancer in the bone marrow

12) In case of inflammation

13) When there is swelling or inflammation in the veins


What are the Symptoms of High TLC in Blood Test

1) Fever

2) Fatigue

3) Body aches

4) Difficulty in breathing

5) Night sweats

6) Itching

7) Sudden weight loss

8) Wheezing 


Treatment of High TLC in Blood Test

When the TLC is increased, the doctor first sees according to the symptoms that there is any infection in the body or not.
If there is an infection, it is treated with antibiotics.
In most of cases of increased TLC, infection is the main reason.
If there is no infection, then the doctor finds out other reasons and treats them.

Low TLC in Blood Test Means

If TLC is low i.e. 2,000 or below then it can be due to the following reasons

1) Auto-Immune Disease

2) HIV or AIDS

3) Problem in bone marrow

4) Severe infection

5) Liver failure

6) Malfunction of spleen

7) Lump

8) Cancer

9) Side effects of cancer treatment

10) Due to excessive Alcohol

11) Causes of Malaria

12) Due to side effects of medicines


What are the Symptoms of Low TLC in Blood Test

If TLC is below 2,000 then the patient shows the following symptoms
1) Fever and chills

2) Swelling or redness in the body

3) Sores in the mouth

4) White or red blisters in the mouth

5) Hoarseness or throat infection

6) Coughing a lot

7) Difficulty in breathing

8) Pain while urinating

9) Diarrhea


Treatment of Low TLC in Blood Test

When TLC is low, first of all, the doctor finds out its cause on the basis of symptoms and then treats it.
Low TLC can be a big problem.
When TLC is low, in most cases the doctor increases the number of TLC by injecting growth hormone injection.
If the TLC is low due to a serious infection, then the infection is first treated with antibiotics.
If there is any problem related to bone marrow or blood cancer, then you should consult a hematologist.
Many times the value of TLC also decreases due to malnutrition, then it gets cured by giving a nutritious diet.


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