Share your Strategy for Intraday trading which is giving you best results


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Well I am trading in this market from many years so I have gained much knowledge after spending lot of time in trading. I learnt few things from Intraday trading which I am mentioning below

Intraday trading is completely risky so if any person is coming with only profit expectations or with sentiments, he/she should not trade because market will never understand your emotions.

Intraday trading is a technique which can be learnt and improved day by day so you have to keep on learning everyday.

Stock selection is most important part in intraday trading so you have to choose stock very wisely. 

Intraday trading involves high risk which can give complete or partial capital loss so there should be risk calculation like 2 to 4% of risk of entire capital in a single trade. Because if your trade goes in to loss, you don’t loose more than that.

Never ever trade in stock market with anybody’s money. Yes this is most important while trading because I have seen many people who takes personal loan or borrow money from someone and regret after loosing that money. You should trade with your own spare money only.


My Strategy

Now I am sharing winning strategy which is not complicated for new comers and can generate good profit in intraday.

First of all choose less volatile and liquid stocks for trading in intraday. I don’t prefer high volatile stocks which can trigger your Stop loss easily or don’t have enough volumes.

Now you have to find out that either that stock is bullish or bearish. For that you have to check it’s last few days movement. If it is continuously bullish irrespective of market movement, I will buy that whenever I will find it near day’s low or at lower levels.

So whenever you have to trade for intraday, find out less volatile liquid stock and buy it at lower level if it’s a bullish stock or sell it if it’s a bearish stock. I never suggest to buy falling stocks to buy for intraday. Buy only strong stocks which are not falling with the market.


Remember few points while deciding about any trade

Don’t buy falling stock or specially when it’s facing resistance because it can trap you and give you big losses. 

Buy only those stocks which are taking support and not coming down with the market and rising with the market so that you will get good money in intraday.

Don’t trade in stocks who have any kind of news, results or any controversy because it’s completely gambling to trade like that. Always avoid to trade in this kind of sector or stocks.

Always apply a proper stop loss while you initiate any trade and maximize your profit by modifying your stop loss to cost so that whenever big movement comes, you can generate big profit.



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