Is diabetes reversible with diet and exercise


is type 2 diabetes reversible, is diabetes reversible, is prediabetes reversible

diabetes reversible in early stages is a widely asked question.
Diabetes is a condition and high sugars in the blood is just a symptom.

actual disease is the disruptive metabolism. What kills us are diabetic
complications that damage our circulatory and nerve systems over time.

This affects every organ system of the body, from the brain to the toes.

A person with per-diabetes has sugar levels higher than normal levels. The HbA1c range indicating per-diabetes is 5.7 to 6.4.

indicates a higher risk of a person developing diabetes but with the
right lifestyle modification, diet, exercise, and medication the
Pre-diabetes is reversible.

It has been proved that Pre-diabetes is reversible, unlike diabetes.

type I is the consequence of destruction of beta-cells on the pancreas
by the immune system or the whole pancreas has been damaged by disease. 

This is irreversible. Insulin is always needed.

Diabetes Type 2 is driven by a genetic tendency for cells to resist the attachment of insulin. 

Beta cells secrete more and more insulin to overcome this resistance.
At some point this increased insulin cannot lower blood sugar to safe

good news is that many in the early stages of Diabetes Type 2 can
achieve near normal blood sugar through proper diet and daily exercise. 

These two things are key to good blood glucose levels even if medication has to be added.

A diet that limits the amount of carbohydrates is really helpful because carbs are quickly converted into glucose.

Glucose is the sugar that our bodies run on and insulin acts as a sort of gate keeper.

Daily exercise is wonderful because it increases insulin sensitivity.

If thorough diet and exercise the type 2 diabetic gains good blood sugar management, it is possible that this will be for life. 

But don’t be so relaxed, any negligence in health can lead to death of Beta cells causing blood sugar to elevate again.

The only cure is to go back in time and choose parents that don’t have the genes that lead to Diabetes Type 2.

The complex and dynamic nature of metabolism has thrown challenges in understanding the disruption in the metabolism.

throws out a challenge on the possibility of implementing what is the
so-called healthy lifestyle as what is needed for an individual at that
point of time knowing his metabolic condition.

Research clearly indicates that un-monitored dieting is evil for damaged metabolic bodies, 

when we cut the source of sugars, sugars get normalized but at the
expense of elevated health parameters and subsequently leading to organ
damage eventually.

living a healthy lifestyle can ensure that someone doesn’t disrupt the
metabolism but blindly trying a healthy lifestyle without medication is
not recommended. 

This is where a precision solution is required which needs diabetes technology to offer precisioned treatment.


How to control diabetes through healthy life-style

For diabetic people, it’s important to strictly monitor what they eat.

balanced diet, the right nutrition coupled with a healthy lifestyle
helps in averting the risk of complications of diabetes from an early

Avoid obesity, a sedentary lifestyle, high blood cholesterol levels, and blood pressure.

It’s beneficial to avoid these as these factors directly influence blood sugar levels and type-2 diabetes.

these also facilitates delaying diabetic complications such as heart
problems, strokes, kidney dysfunction, nerve, and eye damage.

saturated fats such as cheese, red meat could help in maintaining heart
health, by keeping cholesterol levels under check, in diabetics.

a borderline diabetic, processed food, fried food, refined flour and
its items, butter and artificially sweetened desserts, sodas, sweetened
drinks, should be strictly avoided to manage the risk factor like
obesity, high cholesterol, etc.

regulation and control of blood sugar levels, as well as cholesterol
levels, should be a priority in patients with borderline

with a high Glycemic index such as white bread, white rice, potatoes
should be limited whereas Low Glycemic Index foods should be preferred
such as green leafy vegetables, carrots, fruits, lentils, low-fat dairy

balanced diet with Fiber-rich food such as fruits, vegetables, legumes,
beans, lentils, etc really helps in controlling blood sugar levels.

The practice of controlling portion size goes a long way and helps in keeping blood sugar levels under normal ranges.

regularly, keeping yourself physically active can help in delaying the
crisis, as it results in managing BP, blood sugar levels, weight. 

It also improves insulin sensitivity.

smoking helps in reducing oxidative stress in the body and managing BP,
which in turn reduces the likeliness of developing type-2 diabetes.

alcohol intake helps in controlling weight, Blood pressure, and
triglyceride level which further lead to obesity and high blood sugar.




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