How to Make Profit in Intraday Trading


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Day trading is a potentially profitable way to profit from the stock market. 
How to guarantee profits in day trading is a frequently asked question in the stock trading world. 
However, it is sad to see that a significant number of traders are having difficulties in this endeavor. 
Interestingly, statistics show that about 90% of people lose money during daily trading. 
The main causes of these financial failures are the lack of comprehensive knowledge as well as easily avoidable mistakes.
These two factors often hinder success. So let’s take a look at the strategies that can help you succeed in day trading.

What Should Be The Strategy

In the world of day trading, it is important to follow a set of basic principles with solid discipline. 

Numerous trading opportunities may arise, but if you do not carefully monitor your trading system, you may fall into unexpected traps.

View Market Trends

In the world of day trading, the first step is to assess market sentiment, whether it is bearish or bullish.

Most trading mistakes usually occur when you trade against the prevailing market trend. 

If the market is in a bearish direction, you should consider selling, while in a bull market, a buy strategy is generally preferred.

No matter how attractive a trade offer may seem, it is best to avoid taking a position that goes against market sentiment.

Decide Your Entry and Exit Points

After assessing market direction, the next step is to adjust your trades to market conditions.

Whether you go long or short, it’s important to decide your entry and exit points in advance. 

Relying on luck as a guiding factor can turn a promising adventure into an ordeal.

Many traders fall into the trap of blindly stopping trades, which may lead to an occasional profit here and there, but leads to recurring losses. 

To maintain consistent trading patterns, you need to determine better entry and exit points in your trading system in advance.

Markets operate independently of individual preferences and must recognize them and adjust accordingly. 

Aiming for a 3:1 win/loss ratio is a reasonable strategy along with the non-negotiable use of stop loss orders. 

Entering a trade without a stop loss can present serious risks. 

Because one wrong move has the potential to wipe out your entire trading account.

Keep Money Management Right

When it comes to day trading, a good rule of thumb is to never invest all of your savings. 

Instead, it is essential to invest an amount that is easy to miss. 

Determining your daily stop loss is a strategic step in day trading. 

You need to decide the maximum amount of loss you can allow per day. 

For example, if you have set your daily loss limit to Rs 2000, once you have reached the pre-set loss limit, you should exit the trade and not make any more trades that day.

The reason you take these precautions is that the desire to make up your losses sometimes leads you to continue trading, which can ultimately lead to bigger losses. 

Please note that your ability to continue trading effectively depends on the availability of money. 

Because only if your capital is intact, you can exploit the opportunities and make money by trading.

Use The Right Strategy

In the world of day trading, a firm belief in your chosen technique is the key to success. 

Constantly switching between different weekly strategies can be counterproductive. 

Before implementing a new strategy in live trading, it is best to test and experiment thoroughly on paper to hone your skills. 

This experience not only builds confidence, but also increases the likelihood of profitable trading. 

A smart way to use pointers is to limit them to two or at most three. 

Overloading your trading strategy with too many indicators can lead to confusion and ineffective decision making. 

Following these principles can greatly increase your chances of success in day trading.


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